Obama Administration Lacking Grace

November/13/2009 18:00PM
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The circus is coming to New York City. Complete with clowns, donkeys, and high wire acts. Eric Holder announced the terrorists who played the biggest roles in 9-11 will be tried in a civilian court in New York City.

There is only one reason this makes sense. Obama and Holder want to try George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. What political gain can they reap from this? On the heels of Ft. Hood, most Americans are already upset by the administration’s inability to call a terrorist, a terroirist. The timing for this announcement was very bad, Mr. Holder.

Most New Yorkers don’t have a lot of love for these guys. Rudy Giuliani, who showed more grace and compassion than any mayor in my lifetime, is dead set against this decision. Rudy lived through the aftermath. Attended funeral after funeral. Kept the people of New York together and gave them confidence. George and Dick kept us from having another attack like 9-11. Obama and Biden have already failed at that. Ft. Hood was a terrorist attack on our soil.

What is with the Obama team? They are behaving like Chicago politicians. They want to continue to make war on Bush and Cheney and not consider terrorists the target.

A president of the United States is not supposed to behave like Mayor Richard Daley. We know King Richard is totally lacking in grace. Chicago excuses that. But, will America continue to excuse a president who thinks he can blame his predecessor ad nausium for everything that goes wrong or gets worse? Only Richard Nixon in my lifetime behaved this way, graceless, and we kicked him out.

If Obama believes anyone other than his far left loons and the ACLU will applaud this he is wrong. Our brave troops can’t be happy with this. The Veterans groups are already up in arms. The Democrats running for election in 2010 must be sweating bullets over this. Independents can’t back this in big numbers.

It compounds a number of bad decisions. First, the big close Gitmo, without thought, decision. Then, the failure of the FBI to communicate the acts of Hasam. The decision to try the CIA for crimes against Gitmo prisoners. This is an administration that is immature and just plain nasty. Cross them and you get big trouble. But, worse, it is an administration that is making enemies at a rapid pace. Soon, there will few friends left. Look at the polls. Obama will take another hit over this.

The trials will be an embarrassment to everyone. Watching terrorists being defended by lawyers who can dig up any piece of evidence against the CIA or America. Demonstrations day after day by sympathetic Muslims.

Grow up President Obama. Whatever Bush and Cheney did to blemish your fragile ego, get over it. Move on. You have a big decision to make about troops in Afghanistan, and at the glacial speed you are doing that ,troop morale is pretty bad. Most of us care more about those troops than we do about you or Eric Holder or the ACLU or your left-wing loon friends.

It’s your watch now and I pity you if one of the friends of those who you care so much about, those who you give the same rights as a US citizen, a civil trial, do something bad here. There is not enough Teflon in the world to shield you from that. You’ve dug a big hole trying to bury Bush and Cheney and you may find yourself trying to dig out of your own hole.

Why not try some class and grace for a change? No one has done more to set back bi-partisan politics than you. You reflect Rahm Emmanuel. Might want to get better advice from nicer people.

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