Media Finds Rationale for Irrational Acts

November/08/2009 18:12PM
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Day in and day out you will read and watch why the shooters at Ft. Hood and in Orlando are the true victims.

Jason Rodriguez’s attorney is on record saying the poor man is a victim of society. He is a “walking example of the headlines today.” This, according to the attorney. He was divorced, out of work, broke, and mentally ill. Should we try Obama in his place? So, if you are recently divorced, laid off, broke or cuckoo for Coco Pops, you have every right to mosey on down to your last place of employment and shoot a few innocent victims.

Friends and family of the Major who committed a one-man war at Ft. Hood tell us the poor man was deeply troubled. He had been harassed for his religion by fellow soldiers. Poor, poor man. A major being harassed. Guess those fellow majors, colonels, and generals must be insensitive fools. He was worried about deployment to the war zone. Poor, poor man. I’m sure he could have easily qualified for a section eight discharge, but it’s so much easier just to shoot and kill innocent victims and destroy the lives of hundreds.

Every news coverage of both events I have watched, including the fair and balanced, Fox News, has this bent to each story. Supposedly under the guise of personal interest.

This kind of news gives rise to more violence. No accountability. None. A man is out of work, well that explains why he should kill people. A man is harassed, although I don’t believe this for a minute, he can shoot a whole battalion of fellow soldiers. Or, if he is asked to follow orders after taking years of education and thousands in pay from his country, he has every right to grab those guns and blaze away. Justification for unjustifiable behavior.

Here’s the news I would appreciate. Two men committed two heinous acts of violence this week. These acts show how dysfunctional this country has become. These is no plausible excuse for either behavior. Thus, you will get none from me. Regardless of what friends and attorneys might say, both were premeditated murder,plain and simple. Both men need the death sentence, and the sooner, the better. It is sad that we will provide millions of dollars of legal support for these despicable individuals who wreaked so much physical and emotional damage to so many families. There is no punishment that can possibly fit these crimes. Gentlemen, when you set your plans in motion, you should have know full well you would either die in the commission of your acts or face executions if you survived. Well, you will.

Major Hasan, I understand you may be paralyzed for life. God is not only fair, but just. Your sentence from that court is already in and you should not complain about your plight.

But, you and I will have to listen to the media defend the actions of these men. Thank God for remote controls.

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