Just Keep Buying Pigs in a Poke

November/11/2009 18:45PM
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You and your bright eyed friends are buying the need to take care of others in this country.Everyone and everything, from illegal aliens to free health care. In California more of you bought it than anywhere else in America. After all, you gave us Pelosi. Now,you find out your state government arbitrarily decided they need to take an extra 10% out of your pay checks to pay for what you’ve been buying. Can’t make ends meet? Sorry, you got what you paid for and the bill is yours. Plus, you helped put Obama in office so the rest of us can buy more of what broke you. Thanks.

While I’m on that subject, you good folks in California want more global warming pain. You want to be first to burden everyone there with high cost energy and create more unemployment. When global economies recover and the dollars falls more and you are paying $7 a gallon for gasoline, will you be happy? Those bad decisions will take another big chunk out of your paycheck.

New Hampshire, I understand you want to take taxpayer money and loan it to the New York Times to keep them in business. Live Free or Die, isn’t that your state motto? Not enough to take care of every one’s entitlement needs, but in New Hampshire we need to take care of big newspapers who write things that are friendly to the Democrats who are lending the money. Tass, isn’t it?

Moving on to Oregon, a progressive state that hasn’t legalized self-serve gasoline yet, you folks want to help the labor unions who give you liberal democrats so much campaign money. Since card check isn’t going anywhere fast enough at the national level, let’s just put it in at the state level in Oregon. We all know unions are good, just ask the U.S. auto industry.

Will there be taxpayer revolt? That questions is being debated a lot these days.

My opinion. No. The majority of the public will just take it. They will let the politicians grow governments at their expense. They will let the governments increase entitlements with their tax dollars; they will let our foolish energy policies run up the price of energy here to levels never seen before, and they will let the futures of their kids and grand kids be mortgaged.

Pretty sad. We are like the drunk who hasn’t hit bottom yet. If Michigan and California hasn’t hit bottom yet, look how far the rest of us can fall.

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