How Low Can They Go

November/27/2009 18:40PM
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Watching Congress put together health care reform brings home a need for a far greater reform. A complete overhaul of congress. If it’s broken, fix it. Nothing in America is more broken than our political system.

This arrogant group of sleazeballs has no shame. Taxing Americans for five years before any benefit of health care kicks in is a prime example. Hiding the real cost of the reform by front loading the revenue is disingenuous. Pushing a bill to gain greater control over the lives of all Americans is just plain wrong.

This week the senate admonished Roland Burris for lying to become one of them. Seems like they were almost proud of him. A little slap on the hand and a little lecture about how to lie and get away with it, and, Roland, be sure you vote the right way on health care reform. uretaa

Buying a vote from a senator by putting a $100 million benefit in for her state is bribery. Pay for play. Everything that has happened in this process shows how low our elected officials can sink.

Everyone who has written the two senators in Illinois has gotten a form letter saying the majority of Americans want health care reform. Yet, latest polls show more don’t or even numbers on the most favorable poll. Those who are polled and asked whether it will be better or worse with reform, by a large number on all polls I’ve seen, show worse.

None of the senators have read the bill. This is a disgrace.

The bill is a tax increase first, and health care reform second.

Payments for abortions are in, then out. A government health insurance is in and it’s out. The $200 million in payments to doctors is pulled out and done separately to keep the CBO number lower.

We have elected officials who ignore the voters. We have elected officials who have no compunctions about lying. Payoffs to get endorsements like the $18 million in TARP money to AARP, no problem.

Creating a huge new entitlement when we are in a recession. Not a problem. Looking at what’s happened in states and countries with similar plans and being honest about the problems. Hide them.

A basic premise of a Democracy is majority rule. In this country, special interests rule.

Our system is broken. Maybe broken beyond repair. Obama lectured Americans that we need to pick up a mop and start mopping. I agree, we need to start mopping in the 2010 election. If we mop hard enough we might get some honest people who really represent us.

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