Health Care Rationing Began This Week

November/17/2009 13:40PM
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The Democrats broke out the crystal ball this week with the big announcement about mammograms. Precursor of all to come with the proposed government run health care plan, thousands are being given a death sentence to enable thousands more to have free health care. The unmitigated arrogance of the proponents of health care reform would not allow them to stifle this until they got their plan approved. That’s how sure they are that they will win.

The same group that made this decision will be the group that will set government guidelines for insurance reimbursement if we get their reform bill. They have shown how they plan to cut costs to keep the tab at just $1.2 trillion. The data for their recommendations was a computer simulation model. It might be Gore’s model that predicts global warming.

This is different than their intent to cut off the elderly. This is aimed directly at young women in America. Females with families, in the prime of their lives, and productive Americans, not the non-productive elderly Palin spoke of with the death squad comment.

The model, the UK National Health Service, uses this too. British women have an 88% greater risk of mortality from breast cancer than American women. British men face an 88% greater risk of dying from prostate cancer than American men. The next announcement will probably deal with the PSI testing for men. Certainly, it will mimic the mammogram plan. No men under 40 should ever get a PSI test unless they are high risk. And, those older need only get one every five or ten years.

So, you don’t get mammograms. Then, late stage you find you do have breast cancer. In Canada the average wait for a specialist is 18 weeks. Now, you wait another 18 weeks to begin treatment.

When you see the specialist, it’s advanced breast cancer. IN the UK, according to an article in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper titled ” Sentenced to Death on the NHS”, you would be put on a “death pathway”. That involves heavy sedation and denial of fluids.

This is your future if you let the health care reform go through. It could be your death sentence. It’s one thing to redistribute your wealth to Obama’ friends in ACORN and the SEIU and the welfare generation, it’s another for him to ask you to sacrifice your life by health care redistribution.

Welcome to the Banana Republic of the United States.

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