Frustration In America Grows

November/16/2009 1:10AM
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171Frustration continues to grow as unemployment grows and government keeps spending like we have no limits. Nothing that is being done will end the fundamental problems that everyday Americans are worried about. Most of the agenda in Washington will just acerbate  the big problems. 

American citizens are on a different page than Washington. Most want smaller government, Washington want bigger government. We want less regulation, they want more. Senator Dodd just proposed another 1,000 page bill that would add another huge big bureaucracy. Adding troops in Afghanistan will cost more. The dollar keeps dropping. The Chinese lectured Obama to fix the dollar.

Cap and trade will cost jobs. Health care will add taxes and cost jobs. No one is listening and many of us are feeling like the mad pumpkin.

As they listen less and we go from frustration to anger, the result will not be pretty. 

Vote them all out is looking better and better. 

Maybe a few have their priorities right, but most don’t. Maybe a few are listening, but most aren’t .

Want to see what a welfare America looks like, just go to Detroit.

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