Dam the Government Health Care

November/12/2009 16:15PM
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Everyone cites the same old tired reasons for not endorsing government run health care. First, it’s the post office. Never made a profit, sucking up tax dollars for years and years, raising prices and still coming up short. Not a well-run business.

Then there’s AMTRAK. In a year when gasoline prices hit an all-time high and AMTRAK ridership hit an all-time high, AMTRAK had a record loss. Just couldn’t cope with all that new business. Not a well-run business.

Then there’s Medicare and Medicaid. Private insurance companies make an average 3% net profit, yet public insurance companies bleed red ink and are all going bankrupt. We have 40% of the health care insurance today run poorly by the government. But they want it all run 16% of our GDP all run badly. Fraud is ridiculous. Where else can scammers go to the cemetery and get names and submit claims and get checks and do it for years and years without being caught? Who else would hire the kind of people who don’t really care if there’s a huge fraud problem and who else would let those employees keep working even though the shareholders(taxpayers) know there is a big mismanagement issue and are mad as hell? Zero accountability equals little results. Who else would look at this and say I want more of this than the American voter? How dumb are we?

Still not convinced that government run health care would be a bad business decision. Just pick up the day’s newspaper and you can find another example, every day. Every day. Some politician is stealing money. Like the mayor of Baltimore(today’s paper) Some project is in trouble. Like Fannie Mae, going broke again.(today’s paper) Or, some act of the government is creating new problems. GM can’t hire a CFO because the pay czar has set the pay scale too low. ( today’s paper)

Or, the one I really love in today’s paper. Our government is building two power plants for the Afghans. Yes, we are going broke, running out of power, and we are building two power plants there. Aren’t we just the best? It was to be $340 million. But, an audit shows the projects are over budget and late. They are producing 12 megawatts of power of a target 140 megawatts–and none of the 12 are being used because of transmission problems. It gets better. These two plants are just part of $1.4 billion power contract with the two companies that have messed these two up. The audit shows: poor oversight be the government as the cause of these issues.

Government oversight, isn’t that an oxymoron? Any oversight anything gets from the government is poor, usually it’s none.

Who in their right mind would let the government run health care? Just think of the two Afghanistan power projects, DAM HEALTH CARE REFORM.

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