AARP Sold Out

November/26/2009 18:02PM
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When the AARP took $18 million in TARP money, it was all over for the membership. How does the AARP qualify for TARP money. To create new jobs. Did they? No, they say they are using the money to train existing workers to qualify for better jobs. In Illinois it’s called pay to play. The AARP took the money to endorse health care reform. In the grand scheme, it’s a token payment.

The item in all the bills under consideration that forces them to put you in a position to get less health care from your Medicare insurance is the opportunity for the AARP for them to sell you supplemental insurance to replace those benefits you will lose or other forms of Medicare supplemental insurance.

Is this a great country or what? A company that purports to support those of us over age 50, depends on us for memberships, and supposedly has our best interests at heart really is a greedy corporation bent on maximizing profits and we don’t really count. It’s like the elected officials in Washington. Self-interest first, voters second. Self-interest first, members second.

But, we can and will vote many of the arrogant politicians out as they will learn in 2010. And, we can break the AARP for their actions by cancelling our memberships. And, many have and more will.

AARP has become politicized. Look at their web page and the backgrounds of the board and leadership. They mirror the politicians in Washington who favor health care reform. They make Obama seem like a middle of the road-er.

The Dixie Chicks found out what happens when you put your own politician ideology before selling albums and concerts.

The AARP need the same lesson. Big time.

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