Trickle Down Disaster

October/24/2009 17:30PM
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Each government action today seems to have a serious flaw.

Let’s look at the work of the pay czar. NY Mayor Bloomberg has a budget disaster on his hands. Too few fat cats to pay the tab for all the government workers, big expenses, and those who pay no taxes. If he raises taxes more fat cats move out. If Wall Street flounders less taxes are paid by those who are left. The pay czar just cut pay for a good many NY City fat cats. Where will Bloomberg make this up? Raise taxes more? HMMM.

Janet Napolitano, the Director of Homeland Security left Arizona in a mess when she left the governorship to watch our backs. Old tax and spend Janet had no remorse about the problems she left behind. She was quite proud of it. The state announced today they have a $2 billion shortfall and will cut state aid to cities by 25% over the cuts they got last year. And, so it goes. Misery just keeps getting pushed further down the line. You fix it down there.

Remember when old Harry Truman said “the buck stops here.” Not any more. The buck stops as far down the line as the President can pass the buck. Now it’s down to your local municipality.

The state of Arizona doesn’t have enough to reimburse the law enforcement groups that have to incarcerate illegal aliens until ICE can come and get them. They say it costs $65 a day to hold them and they will need $400 million in 2010. Sheriff Joe says it costs him $3.75 a day to hold them and he’s being criticized for holding too many.

The first time home buyer program has found they are victims of fraud. Has there ever been a government program that was not poorly run? The have found that people are buying their 3rd or 4th home and getting the first time buyer tax credit by putting their kid’s name on the purchase. Seems the government forgot to put an age limit on the program. Now they will spend several millions auditing their mess and prosecuting those who are defrauding them.

Tax credit for electric cars are going to buy golf carts.

Medicare and Medicaid fraud are at an all time high. Medicaid problems are being pushed down to the state level.

Who knows what really happened with the cash for clunkers program? Can’t you just wait to see how we taxpayers got hosed on that?

H1N1 vaccine hit Phoenix yesterday. There was a minimum two hour wait for those who qualified to get the vaccine. The same day the government declared the H1N1 virus a national disaster due to the numbers of cases and deaths. Can you say health care rationing and selective population reductions? You still want your government running everything in health care?

California is in budget trouble, but they are going to build a new stadium in Industry City to try to attract an NFL team.

So, do you really support bigger government? Until the 2010 elections, you are going to get it whether you want it or not. How do you really think your government will handle cap and tax or health care?

Drink the Kool-Aid, it won’t kill you.

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