The Peacock Takes Off The Gloves

October/04/2009 18:07PM
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Last night on Saturday Night Live they finally did a parody on President Obama. No more Bush, Cheney, Palin, but finally Obama.

The parody went like this. The actor who always plays Obama, spoke and said, he had done absolutely nothing in almost a year. Said he would close Gitmo in the first week, not closed. Failed to get the Olympics for Chicago. Health care reform, still nothing. Unemployment up. Economy still in the tank. Almost a year, and” I’ve done absolutely nothing.”

Is this the beginning of fair and balanced with the comedy shows? Will Leno start doing Obama jokes? Letterman? no, we know the answer to that. Is this the beginning of fair and balanced in the mainstream media? Since NBC is on the block to be sold are they trying to gain ratings by appealing to more than the liberal audience?

Probably way too much to ask. But, it’s a start. They even threw Glen Beck in the skit. Obama said he was really a problem. Speaking of Beck and Fox News, they did a comparison between Reagan’s new coverage about the economy in his first nine months and Obama’s. Want more evidence regarding media bias, go to the Fox blog and watch this. A huge percentage of the news during the early years of Reagan was negative and the economy was front and center. The economy was doing better then. But, in Obama’s early months, the economy is not front and center and little if any of the blame is hitting Obama. It’s still Bush’s fault.

It’s time for the President to get his due. He needs to be accountable for the failure of the Stimulus Bill. He needs to get his fair share of humor from shows like Saturday Night Live and Late Night. He needs to be treated like all the past presidents. When he makes mistakes and things are not going well, he should face the music.

Only then will he get the humility he needs to be effective. He truly believes he can walk on water and he needs some swimming lessons.

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