My Grandchildren Count

October/02/2009 17:46PM
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The future for my grandchildren, my kids, and yours matter. It is far more important than the current crop of politicians in Washington getting re-elected. Your voice and mine are the only things standing between the irrational spending in Washington today.

We can and must be heard. You can’t keep thinking and believing your voice doesn’t count. When you protest, and are called radicals, you can’t be deterred.

Look at the competition. Organizations like the ACLU, ACORN, the SEIU, the ardent environmentalists, the labor unions, the media, Hollywood, and others who raise millions of dollars to push agendas that will insure my grandchildren and yours will be the first generation in this country to have a poorer standard of living than their predecessors. They can be defeated. Accountability must be made a part of serving in office in Washington.

We sit by and watch while we send billions of dollars to foreign countries while we have more than enough energy here, and choose not to tap those resources. We watch while politicians shut down manufacturing here on a planned basis. Manufacturing is a dirty word. We watch while a bloated stimulus bill, which in truth is earmarks for re-election, fails. We watch while cash for clunkers moves normal demand for car sales forward and dries up sales for the next four months. We watch while our government, which can’t run anything, tries to run car companies and wants to run your health care.

We watch while we are lied to daily. We see Chicago, which has a major financial problem, blow $100 million on a failed Olympics bid to bolster the ego of Mayor Daley. And, more importantly to Obama, would have feathered the nest of slumlords like Valerie Jarrett. We see tax dollars go to ACORN.

We see Washington destroy the housing market with Freddie and Fannie and let Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Dick Durbin lie about it. Then, they let the FHA go about the same practices knowing the same problem is coming down the road. The same three culprits will lie again.

The educational system here is failing. But, the teacher’s union is more important than fixing a broken system.

How much more do you plan to watch before you get mad enough to get involved? They are your kids and grand kids we are putting the screws to and they will pay the price for our silence.

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