Homeland Security Stops Sheriff Joe From Enforcing Arizona Law

October/09/2009 17:48PM
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Obama and his incompetent Director of Homeland Security, former Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, have stopped Sheriff Joe Arpaio from enforcing Arizona law regarding illegal aliens. The law was signed into law by none other than Governor Napolitano. The voters in Arizona were upset with the numbers of illegals streaming into Arizona and pushed the former governor into signing a law that said illegals should be arrested and held for ICE to take off their hands. Joe and Janet had a contentious relationship while she was governor. She wanted the law, but did not want the law enforced. You give Joe a law and he will enforce the law.

Since the law was enacted Joe has arrested 30,000 illegals and booked them into jails awaiting ICE.

Once, Napolitano became Director of Homeland Security, Joe became her primary job to fix. Going after Joe even preceded the memo that went out to all law enforcement offices in the country warning them that military veterans needed to be watched because them were susceptible to recruitment by terrorist groups. The memo that had to be rescinded and apologies granted to all veteran groups.

The law, labeled 287g was designed to target drug dealers, gang members, and human smugglers.

Homeland Security said in July that the 60 localities across the country that had participated in 287g would need to sign a revised form by 10-10-09. This would limit them to determining the immigration status of inmates only. Joe signed.

Joe has an 80% approval rating in Maricopa Country. Napolitano would not have been reelected had Obama not bailed her out by giving her a job that she can’t do. When she left, the State of Arizona was several billion in debt.

So, once again, the Federal Government stops what the local citizens want done. You do not have representation in Washington.

How will this play out? Sheriff Joe will continue to arrest illegals who break the law. Once in jail, he will determine their legal status. If illegal, he will notify ICE.

Did Napolitano win? On face value, yes, she can say she stopped racial profiling in Maricopa Country and the other 59 participating areas that were probably not enforcing the law.

But Janet, just as when you were governor and Joe was the sheriff, he will do what the voters in Maricopa County want. You couldn’t control him then and you sure can’t now.

Joe will do the right thing and you will always do the political thing. Most of us are not feeling very secure with you watching our backs in your new big job. We fear you will screw up as you always have and Americans will die this time.

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