Gore’s Lies Being Exposed

October/31/2009 16:02PM
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As we finish the fourth year of documented global cooling, Al Gore’s pathetic lies about global warming are finally being questioned. Al’s personal wealth piles up while countries continue to sacrifice wealth and jobs to his homage. The House here has already passed a bill to add to Gore’s wealth as well as that of GE and utilities that are primarily nuclear at the expense of homeowners and small business, refineries, auto manufacturers, and coal miners. The folly may be nearing an end.

Polar bears, recently named an endangered species, have doubled in number since 1950. No matter. Al says they are endangered.

Lord Christopher Monckton, a climate change expert who served as Margaret Thatcher’s policy adviser for four years is on record contending there are no less than three dozen science errors in Gore’s movie. The High Court in London ordered the Secretary of State for Education to issue 77 pages of corrective guidance to every school to which the movie was sent. . The judge selected nine ” as being so serious as to require judicial attention.” Monckton has challenged Gore to a public debate on world-wide television. Gore has declined, knowing full-well that it’s foolish to bring a knife to a gun fight. Gore will never expose himself to an expert of Monckton’s stature.

Monckton’s believes Global Warming is a sham perpetrated by the United Nations to redistribute wealth from Europe and America to less developed countries. Or, to Gore and GE. He points out that the life expectancy in Hong Kong which burns fossil fuels on an industrial level is 81 years. In Chad, Africa, where they burn wood in enclosed huts, it’s 44 years.

Another expert, Professor Niklas Moerner, the world’s ranking expert on sea level, has written no less than 520 peer-reviewed papers on that subject in his 35 year career, says sea levels will rise not more than eight inches by 2100. Compare that to the illogical claims of a hack politician who is pursuing wealth and who do you choose to heed?

Finally other voices are being heard on the specious claims put forth by Gore and Obama, who says the debate is over, and they are beginning to be heard over the blather of those who worship at the altar of the Evangelical Climate Initiative. Recent polls show the American public is hearing since the number of people who believe in Global Warming are now a minority here. A substantial minority.

When the President picks a fight with the National Chamber of Commerce over this subject it tells us a lot about our president. He stands against anything that is good for business and for anything that is good for bigger government. Unemployment will never improve under this president and he and his party will pay dearly for positions like the one he takes on Cap and Trade. Redistributing the wealth here is bad enough, but redistribution of our shrinking wealth to other countries is ever more onerous.

We may have lost our way as a nation, but we are identifying the root causes. Al Gore will be vilified in the not too distant future for the efforts he has made to weaken our nation.

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