Barney Frank is Barney Rubble

October/17/2009 7:19AM
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Skating free of all the debris he creates Barney Frank should be called Barney Rubble. He may be slightly smarter than Fred Flintstone’s buddy, but he can turn everything he touches to rubble.

Barney set out to make housing a social issue. He believes every American has a right to own a house. The common sense practicality of this leads one to think that’s impossible. Common sense and Barney Frank don’t jive. William Buckley once said he would rather have government made up of the first 2,000 names in the Boston telephone directory than from the faculty of Harvard. Barney, a Harvard man, makes one think Buckley had something.

Barney forced Freddie and Fannie to guarantee sub prime loans. Without those guarantees there would not have been mortgage brokers and greedy bankers. There would not have been bad loans put into commercial paper and spread all over the world. But, Barney, who does look a little like Barney Rubble, stands in the midst of all this carnage and gets none on him.

Now, Barney is putting his slimy hands all over the FHA. Unlike Freddie and Fannie, this is not a public corporation, this is our government’s own little toy. Once again, with Barney’s mandate they are making sub prime loan guarantees. When this comes crashing down, and it will soon, who will old Barney blame this time? No greedy bankers in this one. No AIG, no Lehman Bros., no Bear Stearns, no Merrill Lynch. Just old Barney making mischief again, trying to chase his dream of every American owning their own home.

Another mess made by Barney Rubble, I mean another pile of rubble made by Barney Frank. Accountability, don’t expect any. Any attacks on Barney and he might play the gay card. Nothing sticks to old Barney. Isn’t it fun to see a man who can destroy so much and still thrive?

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