America is Out Of Phase

October/01/2009 16:57PM
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As President Obama brings his social agenda to America, other countries that have tried it are moving to the right. The UK and Germany are both moving right aggressively. Why would we want to go where they have been and found it didn’t work?

Even California is moving right. They may soon introduce a new state income tax plan that is close to a flat tax. Currently the state tax tops out at 10.55%. It would be a 7.5% flat tax with only a 1% millionaire tax and a temporary 0.25% surcharge. More importantly they are eliminating the business tax which is now 5%. Why is California proposing this? They are losing citizens and businesses to states that haven’t been hosing taxpayers and businesses.

How will they fund their massive social programs with less tax revenue? My guess is they won’t. They are trying to cut back on the huge welfare programs they have put in for years and years. While they may get some bump from the flat tax, it won’t be immediate. People and businesses that have moved aren’t coming back. But, over time they will stop driving them out and the gross tax receipts will go up as they always do when governments stop taxing too much.

Obama will not learn from any of this. He believes to his roots that this country would be much better off with high taxes on people who make over $250,000 and on business. He feels he was elected on a mandate to make American in the former images of the UK and Germany and even California. He believes Americans can’t move out of America like they did California. He may be somewhat right about that, but businesses can move out very easily. And, while we may choose not to move out, we can vote him and all this left-wing friends out of office.

The harder he puts the pedal to the metal on health care reform, cap and trade, and card check, the faster he will see the reality of that. Many Americans believe President Obama will sign anything the congress puts in front of him in any of these three causes. Don’t bother him with the details, just deliver the goods.

Even as his poll ratings continue to dip, he sees himself as invincible. He has made an absolute mess of health care reform. It has scared the daylights out of many of his Democratic friends who face election in 2010, but not enough not to have them hold back on cap and trade and card check.

Ramming bad bills through has become his hallmark. When he underestimates the public awareness of the contents of these bills he is making a huge mistake. When Congress refuses to give American voters 72 hours to read the health care reform bill, they are making a big mistake. When Congress wants votes without even reading bills it make us understand how incompetent they really are. We are beginning to see them as bumbling fools.

The cap and trade will be their downfall. Even Native Americans in Arizona are up in arms on this one.

Push this too hard and 40 house seats will switch to Republican in 2010. Maybe even if you try too hard to push it and fail.

We are dumbed down enough to see the foibles of galloping socialism and the consequences they have felt in the UK, Germany, and California. Maybe Michigan is still dumbed down, but they will be broke in another year thanks to Governor Granholm, one of your trusted economic advisers.

The rest of us won’t hold on as long as Michigan has to bad politics. We will learn from their mistakes.

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