Almost Laughable

October/28/2009 16:00PM
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There are some things going on in Washington today that are sadly laughable.

Ford, the only US automobile manufacturer not owned by you and me had a good quarter. The public seems to want to reward them for not going to Washington with their hand out for tax dollars. Now, the UAW is refusing to approve givebacks that will give Ford the same wage structure as GM and Chrysler. So, the union that owns Obama and the Democrats will deep six the one successful car company just like they did GM and Chrysler. Must have high wages to make big campaign contributions to Democrats. Laughable?

Congress is trying to stop offshore tax evasion. A bill targeting that practice was introduced by Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus(D-Mont.) and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel(D,NY). Charles Rangel trying to stop tax cheating? Isn’t Rangle guilty of every kind of tax violation known to the IRS? Doesn’t he embarrass the Democrats in Washington, yet they aren’t embarrassed enough to kick him out. Laughable?

The pay Czar got lot’s of visibility last week when he cut pay for the poor companies tethered to the government. Czar Feinberg cut the incentive pay of 126 and they will get much less incentive pay than they received in 2008. But, he raised base pay on average to $437m from $383m, or 14%. So, we taxpayers don’t want the employees of the companies we bailed out to have incentives to do better, we would just rather raise their base pay so they get 14% more for showing up. Just like congress and the czars. Laughable?

The congress gives an incentive for first time home buyers but forgets to put any age limit on the deal. Home buyers are putting the homes in names of kids to beat the system. Funny?

The congress wants us to by more electric cars. But, golf carts with seat belts are technically electric cars by the definition by the bill. So, golf cart buyers are getting up to $5400 in tax credits if they have seat belts installed. Laughable?

Obama goes to New Orleans to talk about how bad Katrina was handled. Meanwhile 1,000 Americans have died from N1H1 virus. The vaccine is late and short. Obama tells elderly they will not be rationed on health care with his health care reform, whatever it may be. However, no one over age 65 can get a N1H1 vaccination. Many more will die due to the screwed up mess over the N1H1 vaccine than died in New Orleans in Katrina. Many will be elderly. Laughable?

Democrats work on health care reform behind closed doors. They call Republicans the party of “no”. Keep saying if you have a better idea put it on the table. No less than six Republican health care reform bills are on the floors of Congress. No one hears a thing about them. Why? They include such things as buying insurance across state lines, tort reform, tax breaks for individuals who buy their own insurance, and allowing small businesses to use trade associations to bundle health insurance. Ideas that seem to make sense, but are all being totally rejected by Democrats. Laughable?

This week congress took on injuries in professional football. Remember when it was steroids in baseball? Or, the Bowl Championship process in college football? They can do all of this in a 3 day work week? Laughable?

Obama has made it to 22 fund raisers since becomming president. Yet, he has met with his general in Afghanistan, Stanley McCrystal, twice. Laughable.

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