Your Future Is Now In California

September/17/2009 19:17PM
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The water for irrigation has been severely reduced in the San Joaquin Valley in California. This rich farm country feeds as many as 30,000,000 people. All of the almonds grown in the US are grown there. Thousands of people have been put out of work, mostly poor farmhands. The Delta Smelt is the reason. It was put on the endangered species list. Hence, water used to irrigate the crops that feed the world and employ the poor is being held in the reservoir and not sent to the crops.

This is an act of terrorism being conducted by the Federal Government. This is the Obama administration at it’s best. This is Ken Salazar, Nancy Pelosi, and the liberal Democrats not interested in food or jobs, but pandering to the nut job environmentalists. Just a precursor of things to come from Obama.

This is the Obama energy policy applied to food. We have created a self-imposed energy strategy by refusing to tap any of our domestic energy sources. Now, the environmental special interest groups are going after your food supply. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. They plan to go after many more food source issues in America.

It’s part of the plan to restrict raising cattle, hogs, chickens, and even fish and lobster.

They will add hundreds of new species to the endangered list. They will find hundreds of liberal federal judges to cooperate. They will combine these to curtail more and more food sources and raise food prices just as they have done with energy.

I have said repeatedly that the Liberal Democrats can’t work both sides of the street. They can’t appease the radical environmentalists and purport to support the working man. Look at the auto industry. Environmental mandates and bad energy policy have put hundreds of auto workers out of work. Cap and trade will accelerate that.

Using the California model they will put farmers and farm workers out of work and raise food prices for the poor.

The Federal government is once again overstepping their bounds. This is no doubt unconstitutional. This steps all over states rights. This is another intrusion by the Federal Government. One that puts a small minority of big contributors over the best interests of thousands of Americans.

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