Will ACORN be Investigated or Prosecuted?

September/22/2009 17:08PM
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A bill to cut off funds to ACORN may hit the president’s desk soon. You can get a plethora of numbers regarding the funds funneled to ACORN. Since they get state and local monies, it’s hard to nail down. A Wall Street Journal editorial 9-21-09 put it at over $8 billion. I’m sure that includes contract monies to participate in the 2010 census, not funds received.

President Obama, on ABC Sunday, said he was unaware ACORN had ever received any Federal funds. Since he was an attorney for ACORN, this is really hard to believe. But, Obama did not go on record saying he was calling for an investigation of ACORN to look after our tax dollars. Will the Attorney General investigate? Obama did say the Holder investigation into the CIA is out of his hands. It’s Holder’s call, per Obama.

Based on his record, Holder will give ACORN a pass. He gave the New Black Panthers who terrorized a polling place in November a pass.

If ACORN has been operating as an illegal enterprise and involved in laundering money, skimming taxpayer dollars, and election fraud, it seems like a pretty big criminal enterprise closely aligned to politicians and the SEIU union, and worth a look from the Attorney General.

Jimmy Carter played the race card on health care and to his credit Obama dismissed this. Carter was not only the worst sitting president of my lifetime, he’s the worst since he stopped sitting. His judgment remains flawed.

The ACORN opportunity gives Eric Holder an opportunity to prove the office of Attorney General is not giving a minority enterprise a pass. Some have suggested he did just that in the Black Panther case. This has much higher visibility and his treatment of this will be watched more carefully. If Jimmy Carter can keep his mouth shut on this, we can make our own judgments of Holder’s objectivity on this issue. The race card works both ways.

There will be pressure both ways on Holder. Let’s hope he does the right thing.

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