Obama Fiddles While America Burns

September/05/2009 18:38PM
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The big speech will be coming next Wednesday. President Obama will pull out all the stops for his big health care reform bill. Who will listen? Most of the solid left and some of the solid right. Who will not listen? Most of mainstream America. Why?

Those of us in that group have other priorities not shared by this president. We would like to see the economy turn around. We want to see more jobs in the private sector. We want to see smaller government, the only sector gaining jobs under this president. We want to see less government spending. A big part of that comes from cutting government, not growing government. We want to hear a speech that tells us we can’t afford the entitlements we have. It’s time to cut entitlements, not add more. We want to hear a plan that helps small business, not chokes them with more costs.

Will the president address any of these issues? No. He will address the health care reform in the same ways he has in the past. Some speak paragraphs in sentences. Obama speaks sentences in entire speeches. He will commit to nothing specific, personally. He’s the Teflon man who wants absolutely nothing to stick to him. Last time he ad libbed, there was a beer party in the rose garden. That comment is still sticking to him.

The ratings are down and are dropping lower with each speech. How can that happen to the man with the golden tongue? Simple, he’s lost trust with mainstream Americans. We don’t believe he is sincere, we think he is a robot that reads the words on the teleprompter, and with every speech he gets even more robotic. We can predict the facial gestures, the cadence, and the left right left looks at the teleprompter. We know the words are not his words and he has no emotional attachment to them or their meaning. In fact, he has no emotions period. He has no skin in the game. Only, cares about the scoreboard at the end of the game.

Every day more and more Americans are growing weary of the cram the big government spending down our throats. And, every day more and more of us are losing patience with Obama’s failure to our weariness. This speech will be the the watershed speech for this president. He will fail and fail miserably and the Democrats who are also getting the message will jump ship.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch the speech to see the downfall of the Messiah. You can just check the polls next week and see the scoreboard. See, it’s like being Obama, don’t waste time with the boring crap, just wait until the end of the game and check the score.

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