Nutcase Making Federal Regulations?

September/09/2009 16:48PM
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Yet another fringe fanatical nutcase is about to confirmed as the man who will determine the regulations you and your family will live by. Cas Sunstein, a Harvard professor, will be approved by the Senate today as Obama’s government regulations man. This one is being vetted. This one got votes to move the confirmation forward by Republicans yesterday overcoming a challenge by one senator. No excuses this time. This is not a Van Jones slipped in the back door by Obama. This one is being flaunted in your face.

Mr. Sunstein has some beliefs that might be out-of-step with a large majority of Americans. Most of us don’t believe it should be illegal to rid out houses of sewer rats. Most of us don’t believe animals should have the legal right to be represented by counsel to sue humans. While most of us don’t condone what Michael Vick did to dogs, there is a line we would not cross to give animals equal rights with humans. My wife and I make contributions to the Humane Society. My wife traps and neuters feral cats. We are true animal lovers, but should a rat, God forbid, slip into my basement, I will deal with it, quickly, and without any help from Mr. Sunstein, the rat’s attorney, or anyone else. It might be hard to distinguish the rat’s attorney from the rat and I might dispose of the wrong rat.

Based on Mr. Sunstein’s writings and speeches, he would outlaw guns, hunting, and do everything in his power to make it harder to put food on your table.

When those of you who voted for Obama cast that vote, were you also voting for all his nut case associates, like Van Jones and Cas Sunstein? Sunstein can put in regulations that will make it harder for farmers to raise cattle or other livestock. He can work with the other nut job, Carol Browner, the czar of the Environment, to expand ideas like the shutdown of the water to the farmers in California who can’t farm because a smelt is endangered. Sunstein can add hundreds of animals to the endangered species list, making more food production reductions. Carol Browner, who did everything she could to reduce energy production in America, will be a willing partner to his whacked out ideas. As a former member of the International Socialist Organization, she sure as hell isn’t a mainstream American either.

So, it was just a coincidence that Obama sat in Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years, met with Bill Ayers, hired Van Jones and was proud to have gotten him on board, has Rahm Emmanuel as his in-house head case, or wants Cas Sunstein to make regulations to protect you, or wants Carol Browner to run the Environment? Or, want the government to control your health care?

All you Obama supporters, do you support loading up his advisers with fringe lunatics? Is this what you bargained for? You need to quit drinking the Kool Aid before this man destroys all that made this country great.

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