Health Care Reform Will Not Pass

September/02/2009 16:48PM
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President Obama is gearing up for the big speech to get his health care reform passed. This speech will be no more helpful to health care reform than the last several by Obama have been. Why? President Obama still believes all of America is captivated by him and his speeches. Sorry, Mr. President, but you are only preaching to the choir, the rest of the congregation is tired of your soaring rhetoric and hollow words. The swinging head moving from the left teleprompter, then to the right, with the serious demeanor is old. You are the consummate straddler. Always keeping your options open, never committing to anything concrete, refusing to put your name on the specifics of anything, just the concept. Your next speech will drive the polls lower for health care reform and for your approval ratings. The horse has died, President Obama, dismount.

Your party thinks this country is so dumbed down we will buy anything your party is selling. Example, just because Senator Kennedy died and he was an advocate of health care reform, we Americans are supposed to agree to something we don’t want. This is bad marketing.

Your Speaker of the House went on record today saying there will be a bill and it will have a public option. She’s a big help to you, isn’t she?

This isn’t just about health care reform, Mr. President. It’s about your spending, the economy, the failed stimulus bill, the czars, the Attorney General re-opening the CIA investigations of past regimes, the cap and trade bill the house passed, and your pushing and shoving this country somewhere we don’t want to go. It’s called change we don’t believe in. We are getting to know you, Mr. President and we don’t like what we see. This is apparent to your Democratic friends in the house and the senate and they aren’t going to commit political suicide for you.

Get used to it, Mr. President. You are going to lose more than you win for the foreseeable future. You had it downhill with the wind at your back, but you blew it. You overreached. You didn’t run a transparent government. You didn’t work at bipartisan politics. Like an immature child you blame Bush for everything. You don’t show leadership and oration only works if people listen to your golden words.

Your failure to deliver this health care reform will not go down well with your strongest supporters. George Soros won’t like it, the labor unions will be disappointed, your Communist czars like Van Jones and Sunstein and those who are counting on you to drive us to socialism will be angry. The environmental nut jobs will worry that you can’t bring their bad ideas to America. Deadbeats who never work will be less likely to do volunteer work for ACORN.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, Mr. President, failure. It may be your first taste of it, but not your last. You need new advisers, and fast. You don’t have the pulse of America. You have upset 58% who disapprove of your job performance. It can and will get worse.

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