Government Death Panels Already Here

September/13/2009 19:19PM
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Despite all the denials about the Sarah Palin claim that the proposed health care reforms being considered have so-called government death panels included, there is evidence in place of this intent. Check what’s happened at the Veteran’s Administration.

Most of this information comes from an article in the Wall Street Journal, dated 8-19-09 written by Jim Towey, president of Saint Vincent College.

Last year the government workers at the VA advocated a 52 page end-of-life planning document, “Your Life, Your Choices”. This piece of crap was published in 1997 and was promoted as the VA’s preferred living will throughout it’s network of hospitals and nursing homes. Bush forced it out. The VA suspended it’s use. Obama put it back in place.

The author of this fine work is Dr. Robert Pearlman, a doctor who in 1996 advocated for physician-assisted-suicides. He is best known for being a strong advocate of health-care rationing.

His fine document steers a patient to look at ways to determine whether his or her life is not worth living. You can get there by living in a nursing home, being in a wheel chair, being a burden to your family , not being able to contribute to the family’s well being, being depressed, whether you’ve heard someone say, you’re a vegetable, pull the plug.

So, this panel tries to get the patient to decide he or she needs to go. But, the formula will be the same when there is an official panel. The document may well be the foundation for the panel to follow. Then add the cost benefit for any medical care needed and you have it.

How does Obama stand in front of town hall after town hall and lie about his intentions? Easy, lying is no problem for this man. The end justifies the means and he will say whatever he feels he needs to say to get the social programs he wants.

This president is the epitome about the old joke about how you know when a Texan is lying? You know when his lips move.

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