Glen Beck’s Big Week

September/12/2009 19:06PM
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Glen Beck on Fox News had quite a week. He ran several stories on Van Jones. As a result, Jones resigned. He gave background data on several of the other czars. Now, a few comatose Republican congressmen are requesting hearings on the czar jobs and whether it is proper to have over 30 high-level officials operating as though they were cabinet officers without vetting or Senate hearings and confirmations.

Next, he ran the videos of the Baltimore ACORN office. The two young people who came up with idea to go to ACORN posing as a prostitute and a pimp and requested help finding a house for the express purpose of a base for prostitution. They openly stated they planned to bring in under aged girls across the border to be prostitutes.They got lots of help and advice from the two ACORN employees on how to do this. Then, Beck ran a second video from the Washington DC ACORN office with similar results.

ACORN fired the two employees from Baltimore. Then, after the second video they fired the employees from the DC office.

Finally, the US Census Bureau announced after the second Beck show that they were severing the contract with ACORN to work on the next census. A contract supposedly worth $7 billion.

In one week Beck got a resignation from an avowed Communist czar, got four ACORN employees fired, got a $7 billion contract cancelled , and educated the US public about the inner workings of the Obama administration.

Seems like this should have been big news all across America. But, not a whimper from the mainstream media.

As a man who loves my country, I feel I am more shocked by how this big news became no news.

Are we dependent on one man, Glen Beck, to bring us the truth? How can we watch network news, read a Chicago Tribune, A New York Times, a Washington Post knowing they are unable to seek out the truth as journalists and give us information on an unbiased basis about important events that need to be aired?

Will half of the country be watching Fox News in a year?

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