Energy You Can’t Believe In

September/03/2009 16:04PM
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We are going to spend a few more billion dollars to push solar energy in America. The Green Energy Czar, self-pronounced Communist, Van Jones, will make sure the contracts go to the minorities that deserve them most. Rest assured, the money will be spent. Rest assured, we will get nothing of value for the billions. Want proof?

Maybe it’s time we look at failed experiments elsewhere. We refuse to look at the UK, Canada, and Massachusetts to see that government-run health care doesn’t work? Do the politicians who are pushing government health care care if our government-run health care works? No. They just want more government control over your life. Your diminished independence creates their greater role in your life. It’s how social revolution works. It’s underway and you are just watching.

So, how well does a big government subsidized solar project work? Spain is folding the tent on their effort. In 2008, Spain accounted for 50% of the new solar energy in the world. For the same output of one coal-fired power plant, the government spent $1.6 billion in 2008 for new solar energy. For that, they got a stunning total of 3,342 megawatts.

Meanwhile, BP announced they have a major new find in the Gulf of Mexico. The Tiber well is estimated to hold 3 billion barrels of oil. In 2010 14% of the crude oil produced in the lower 48 states will come from four wells in the Gulf Coast. This is exciting news. The government will reap the benefits from the leases with royalties at a time when tax revenue is sorely needed. More leases can be sold, since success begets success in the oil business. Again, more revenue, maybe as much as a billion more. Just for the leases. Just in the areas approved for drilling by the all-knowing Federal Government, energy experts all.

So our leaders take us down another road where another foreign government has trod and failed. And, our government refuses to go down a road where another government is succeeding big-time. Brazil, with their offshore oil success, is becoming a major player in the global economy. Obama is so excited about Brazil’s offshore prospects that he loaned them $2 billion last month to move the work along.

There is a master plan with the current administration, the media, the environmental nut-jobs, and the dreamers and schemers to take us in reverse on energy.

You may disagree with this, but please explain to me why we would continue to pursue bad ideas that have been sold to us as good ideas while we turn out backs on proven good ideas that will have a positive impact on our economy and our lives. Why forsake revenue and spend money we don’t have for inefficient energy ideas, like solar? Even mandate percentages of power to be produced by solar. What is the debate about offshore drilling and when did it take place?

Despite your government, oil will be found in the Gulf. Natural gas will be produced in the lower 48 with new drilling technology. A safety cushion will be developed to help when the US results on solar are the same as those in Spain. But, rest assured, we will trash far more of your tax dollars than the mere $1.6 billion blown in Spain last year. That will be a decimal round-off when Van Jones is done passing out money to minority businesses with no results.

Want another reason to throw out the idiots in office now? Here’s one. If a candidate doesn’t favor a rational energy strategy, no vote. If the candidate favors cap and trade, no vote. Even then, the candidate may be lying about the offshore drilling position. Remember, President Obama said he favored it after Newt did Drill here, Drill now? He just forgot.

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