Been to Europe Lately?

September/06/2009 11:28AM
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Left wing elitists, like Obama and his administration, envy Europe. Have you been there lately?

I have traveled extensively in Europe. Recently, stayed with friends in the country in the UK. While I have always enjoyed my travel in Europe, I have never once thought it would be a better place to live than America.

I have never been happier than when I got on the plane to come home.

The rustic lifestyle just doesn’t compare to home. The little cars, the little houses, the tiny pubs with bad food make me miss my country. High taxes keep Europe behind our many privileges. Bad teeth, stemming from poor dental programs, don’t make me want to snap off a tooth in the UK.

What, exactly, makes progressive liberals feel we should emulate them? Only one thing comes to mind. The government control they have is much greater than ours. Countries smaller than most of our states speaking different languages with different cultures have little in common. Big government is the one common element. Dependence on government.

Europeans feel we are lacking in culture since most of us are not bilingual and they are. Big deal. Our kids learn how to create things like small businesses. We survive with less help from our government. We are more independent. Our states and our Constitution made us less dependent on a central government. It has made us unique and more successful. Why should we give that up and become less successful?

Without us most of them would be speaking German. Without our aid and help through the years many of them would have been in far worse shape than they are. What right to they have to be arrogant and look down their noses at us? Because they want us to be like them, less successful? Most less successful people envy those who do better in life. Why should that be different for a country? Or, a continent?

To me, if you think life in Europe is more exciting, more culturally fulfilling, and better than ours, move there. Get yourself a car you can’t put all your family and friends in, move into a house so small the rats are hunchbacked, and pay the government 80% in taxes and get little back for your money.

Otherwise, thank your lucky stars your live in America and resist with all your being any politician who wants to deal you the hand dealt to your European friends. And, don’t wish it on your children and grandchildren.

Everything the Obama administration wants is dealing you and your progeny that hand. Stop it before it’s too late.

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