Are Czars Contitutional?

September/08/2009 16:05PM
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The Obama administration is adamant that hearings should be held on the CIA treatment of Gitmo detainees. It was looked at once and decided that no further legal action should be taken. Obama said he wanted to move forward. Yet, the Attorney General Eric Holder is going to have a special prosecutor examine the facts. A political move, but one that seems to be backfiring, since the majority of Americans don’t agree with Holder’s decision. Holder doesn’t have to run for any office, but several Democrats do in 2010. I’m guessing they aren’t too excited about Holder’s actions.

If Holder is looking for work, I have a suggestion. Have a look at the constitutionality of czars. Cabinet appointees have to be vetted and be approved by the Senate. It’s pretty obvious from Van Jones that no vetting goes on with czars, now numbering over 30. Many czars based on the research done by Glen Beck, the man who did Van Jones in, are just as radical as Jones and no more likely to pass muster with a Senate confirmation hearing. Yet, according to Beck, the czars set the strategy and the cabinet implements the plan. Who gave Obama authority to set up a shadow government to filled with communists, and radicals to be making key decisions about my future? Who pays for them and how much is it costing? To me, this is far more important than what went on at Gitmo 6 years ago. If the president of the United States is usurping the work of congress and his own cabinet and using the czar sham to bring radicals into the circle of the president, I want it stopped. I want it to be tested by the constitution and the courts.

And, while you are at it Mr. Holder, I want to know what the Federal Reserve did with $2 trillion in loans that prompted some members of the House to try to pass a bill to have the Fed audited. Is the Fed a fourth branch of government, like the czars, that Obama just slipped in without telling anyone? A branch that only reports to Emmanuel? Why should the Federal Reserve not be accountable to congress?

Just one other thing, Mr. Holder, I do want you have a trial for those two ACORN men who wore combat gear to a polling place and intimidated voters in the last election. I know you saw no criminal actions in that, but I don’t think you are being objective. I’m playing the race card. I know if two white males had done the same thing, you would prosecute them to the letter of the law. Since justice is supposed to be blind, Mr. Holder, put the blinders on and do the right thing.

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