Apollo Alliance, the Next ACORN?

September/20/2009 17:36PM
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Glen Beck is at it again. Harry Reid said the Stimulus Bill was written with the help of the Apollo Alliance. Congress doesn’t read or write bills anymore. Who is the Apollo Alliance? It may be ACORN on steroids, or probably more appropriately crack.

It tracks back to Bill Ayers. The mad bomber from the Weather Underground. Remember, the man Obama hardly knew? His partner in crime and co-founder of the Weather Underground was one Jeffrey Carl Jones. Seems Jeffrey did his time and got involved in a new organization called the Apollo Alliance.

I guess I’m led to believe that Jeffrey Carl Jones did yeoman’s work for congress putting together the infamous Stimulus Bill which didn’t cut unemployment to 8% as promised. Gee, since Jones is on record saying the best way to move America to Socialism is to create more unemployment and put more people on the dole.

Will Beck bring the Apollo Alliance down? Will mainstream media ever look into this or any other issues that might be of concern to mainstream Americans?

Beck’s conspiracy theory may be too paranoid. It’s really hard to believe that Obama has a master plan to infiltrate government with nut jobs like Van Jones to reach an agenda to push this country to Socialism in the first four years of his term. But, since he once worked for ACORN, did know Ayers, and may or may not have urged congress to use Apollo to draft the Stimulus Bill, there is enough smoke to set off some smoke alarms. Too much to be coincidence.

Obama was elected with full knowledge that he was the most liberal Senator. But, when challenged by radical relationships like Reverend Wright and Ayers, he hit big speed bumps in the polls. He talked his way out of those. Was he truthful?

Valerie Jarrett is a signal that he wasn’t. She is a best friend of Obama and his wife. Long time friend. Her words on Van Jones before he was outed were chilling. She said “we had our eyes on Van for years and we were so lucky to get him.”

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If Apollo goes down, you can rest assured it won’t be NBC,CBS, ABC, New York Times, or the Washington Post that brings them down. If you choose to watch or read these sources for your news, you will be spun. Every day it is clearer and clearer that they are pandering to the left and trying hard to ignore issues that journalists should be investigating. Only bankruptcy will fix the problem. The New York Times will be first.

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