Would Obama Release the Lockerbie Bomber?

August/24/2009 14:56PM
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I believe the answer is yes. Did he not release the USS Cole bomber? Is the Attorney General, Eric Holder not renewing the investigations of the CIA? The President said it was time to look forward, not backward. Does the Attorney General report to the President? If so, does he do as he wishes. He wishes to respond to the ACLU and Move On Dot Com, not the President. Why else name a special prosecutor to investigate the methods used to get information from the planner of 9-11?

The world and many Americans are indignant that Scotland would release the only person convicted of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. Many Americans died on that flight. FBI Director Robert Mueller wrote a letter to Scotland’s government that al-Megrahi’s release would give comfort to terrorists all over the world.

Why would anyone in the current administration be offended by an act that they would likely do? What is the difference between this and the USS Cole? What is the difference between this and having a special prosecutor look into placing criminal charges against those who extracted information from a man who planned the killing of 3,000 Americans? An administration that wants to close Gitmo and release more of the inmates to go back to fighting our troops.

If al-Megrahi had been incarcerated in this country he would have been released even sooner, maybe as early as 1-21-09, unless Bush had put him to death earlier.

Don’t be too hard on the Scots, they aren’t doing anything our president and Holder wouldn’t do.

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