Under the Table Health Care

August/04/2009 11:56AM
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Recently, the University of Illinois is reeling from a scandal. It seems hard to believe in a state like Illinois, but politicians and others in influential positions were getting applicants to the university accepted with questionable credentials. The President, the Registrar, and the Board of Trustees are being called to resign. Hundreds of friends of friends were admitted over more qualified candidates. To a state institution supported by tax dollars. This has always gone on at Harvard and other private universities, but a state school?

This is how things work in America. They work even better here in Illinois, land of Lincoln, Obama, and Blagojevich. If the same investigation were undertaken at other public universities, would the outcome be the same? Public university officials and trustees must be sweating bullets for fear they might be next.

This will be a shock to all of you, but this is how things work with the universal health care programs in the United Kingdom and Canada. If you have money and connections, you will get whatever health care you need. If you don’t, someone with those connections will move in front of you in line. As money is passed under the table, you may die. Or, your son or daughter, just like the sons and daughters who should have gone to the University of Illinois, will wait for treatment.

Artificial shortages created by government have never been a problem for those with money and connections. They drank the best drinks during prohibition. Hell, Joe Kennedy even made his fortune delivering it to them. Gasoline and tire rationing during WWII, no problem for these folks. Gasoline lines in the seventies, no problem. Many fueled at government facilities.

If you are a government employee, your health care will not be affected by reform. If you are a union employee, no change. If you are connected to any high level government employee, you will get what you need. This includes big contributors, lobbyists, big law firms, and the usual cast of characters, usually known as special interest groups, you will get what you need.

If not, like the sons and daughters who had to pay private school tuition or go to a lesser school, you will fall in line for health care behind those who pull the strings. The Canadian plan forces the medical profession to break the law to accommodate this group and the others with cash to pay for care outside the plan. It’s illegal to do either of these. But, it was illegal to give special favors to applicants to the U of I. Illegal, but with a wink. Until the Chicago Tribune outs you and you lose your job. Or, maybe have to hire an attorney.

If you don’t have a pile of money or tons of connections, you might want to think twice about health care reform. If you are a senior citizen or have am elderly parent, you might want to listen to an interview on Fred Thompson’s radio show with a health care advocate who took the time to read the health care bill in congress.

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