The Truth Hurts-Single Payer Health Care

August/07/2009 16:09PM
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President Obama says health care reform, now renamed “health Insurance Reform”, like terrorism is renamed “a man made catastrophe”, or I could have “calibrated my words better”, will not lead to a single payer system. President Obama, when you blow your horn too much, someone will turn it into a funnel. The Drudge Report has done that. Go to:

So, Mr. President, when you are talking to one audience, it’s one way, with another audience, a union affiliated with ACORN, it’s another. If I had to pick which time you were being truthful, it wouldn’t be when you are trying to sell your single payer health insurance to the American public. No, that’s when you would lie. With your friends at ACORN, the group you are having health care designed for, you tell it like it is.

There are many ways a president can be duplicitous and get away with that behavior. There is one way you can’t. When you love hearing your own voice so much that you speak to us hourly on TV, you leave tracks. Tracks like these the Drudge Report uncovered. Clear, clean tracks that we don’t need CSI to investigate.

Tracks like those you left in your press conference, speaking without benefit of your beloved teleprompter, you called the Cambridge police stupid. Then, refusing to acknowledge your mistake, your used the term, calibrate. Who uses that term to say, I misspoke? Those tracks cost you dearly.

As you move through your term, many tracks have already been left for us to see. No earmark tracks. No lobbyists in my administration tracks. Close Gitmo tracks. Pass the stimulus bill and unemployment will drop tracks.

Here’s a tip, Mr. President, if you want to be disingenuous with us, sobeit. But, tell the real truth in closed doors with Rhambo. Do not tell it in front of cameras and microphones.

When you do it will come back to haunt you. Your credibility is becoming a big problem for you.

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