The Size of the Pie

August/11/2009 15:56PM
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In my business life I worked with channels of trade. As our product went from raw material to the consumer the value added was pieced out through the process. Each channel wanted a bigger piece of the pie. When the market was kind, the pie got bigger. Each channel expected to take all of the increase. When the market was hard, no channel wanted to give up any of their pie. Think of health care reform in these terms.

The pie for health care is comprised of many contributors. Businesses pay into the pie for employees’ insurance. Government pays into the pie for Medicaid and Medicare. Individuals who buy their own insurance help bake the pie. Payments for non-insureds and uninsured claims, put dough in the pie. Many uninsured take free pie paid for by these groups. We are a humane country.

Now, Obama and his Democratic friends want to add 40 million pie eaters who will add nothing to the pie. The CBO says it will take another trillion from the government to make the pie bigger so these 40 million pie eaters can have their free pie.

Herein lies the rub. If you or anyone you care about believes the pie need only grow by a trillion dollars to accommodate the new pie diners, you are being taken for a fool.

To spread the pie, everyone now enjoying pie will have to take smaller pieces. Regardless of how many lies Obama tells, it means the government will decide how much pie everyone who now has the right to pie, based on their payments, will need give up pie to let the new pie eaters scarf pie.

Canada makes sure no one can buy pie. Eventually Obama will too. Otherwise the pie bakers will put the pie eaters who don’t pay for pie at the back of the line. Obama will need lot’s of fine new government workers to dole out pie and insure no one is buying pie outside the line at the pie shop.

Worse yet, Obama says no new bakers are needed to make enough pie to serve another 40 million pie eaters. How dumb does this man think we really are? Hundreds of new doctors, nurses, treatment facilities, and drugs will be needed. But, he wants to start opening the pie shop to all these new pie customers without more pie. Lot’s of you are not going to get pie. If you are young, old, sick, or non-productive, sorry no pie. Worse, to pay for the new pie customers your employer or you will be asked to put dough in the pot for the free pie eaters.

Remember what happened when OPEC cut off our oil? Lines. They only cut off 20%. We are planning to add that many new pie eaters.

Another group who eats pie are the tort lawyers. Obama refused to cut off their pie to reduce the cost of pie. Medicaid and Medicare have the worst track record in the world with fraud. Pie is going out the back door, or at least raw materials are disappearing.

It amazes me that the people who are supposed to make sure pie isn’t stolen from key groups are joining the Obama parade. AARP, for example, has pledged to look after the 40 million who will get free pie at the expense of the seniors who pay dues to the AARP. Why? The AMA is supposed to represent the pie bakers(doctors) who will have to bake more pies for the same money. They abandon the group that pays their salaries.

If you and all your friends don’t keep fighting to defeat the health care reforms, you better stay healthy. If this or some version passes, you will have your health care future in the hands of those who have some pretty bizarre ideas about who should get treatment or not. This is serious stuff and there ain’t going to be enough pie to go around.

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