Sarah Palin is a Hand Grenade

August/16/2009 7:47AM
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Sarah has started her new career with a big bang. She called the end-of-life proposals in the health care reform bills government death panels. Suddenly the Senate Democrats say they are taking this out of their proposed bill. Obama tells a child at a town hall meeting, we aren’t going to pull the plug on grandma. Nice. It would have been tactless if the child weren’t the daughter of a big Obama supporter and a plant in the audience with a question. Obama’s town hall meetings are like the jungle ride at Disney, a little tired and not worth the trip.

Now we know what Sarah plans to do for the next year or so. She will just pick her spot and lob in her grenade. The Left hates her so much, they will overreact. The media can’t shut her out like they do the tea parties. They hate her more than the far left. The elitist female freaks think she’s trailer trash because she didn’t go to Radcliffe and live with another woman. African Americans hate her because she’s against handouts, special minority benefits, and social programs. Disguised repatriations.

Paybacks are hell and she’s going to pay Obama back for everything his party, his friends, and his media put her and her family through in the past 18 months. She will lob a few more grenades into the health care reforms in the next month or so. She will absolutely trash cap and tax since she is more knowledgeable than anyone in Washington about energy. She will remind Obama of his campaign pledge to drill offshore after Newt Gingrich took the Drill Here petitions to Washington and Obama changed positions. Now, he changed back and has no intention of honoring that first change. But, Sarah may get it done.

Sarah may never be president. She may not be thoughtful enough to have that job. Although, she can’t be as thoughtless as the man in office now. He is one-tracked. Give me socialism and give it to me now. I don’t care about the economy, the wars, security at home, the deficit, or any of the fallout from my social programs. I am a devout socialist and I want this country to be a socialist country. Once I get it, no one will take it away, since most of the country will be dependent on my largess.

Each step of this plan to move to a socialist country will now be hit with a grenade. A Palin shot. It will get coverage. The media thinks it is still trashing Palin. But, the media, like Obama, misreads the majority of Americans who don’t live where the media lives and don’t watch the mouthpiece media. Each time they cover Palin, Obama’s ratings will drop. She can do what the rest of the boring, listless Republican politicians can’t do. Stir the pot.

Obama is now walking through a minefield. Each time he steps off the marked path, he will get another blast from the former governor of Alaska. This should get interesting.

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