Pond Scum In America

August/10/2009 17:11PM
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If you are part of main-stream America, you are pond scum.

If you are one of the 68% who are very satisfied with your health care today, you don’t count. You must sacrifice for the 32% who aren’t happy. If you go to a town hall meeting and voice your discontent, you were sent there by someone. If you speak out, you are part of an organized group put together by the insurance industry or the RNC. I have not seen a mainstream news story that doesn’t make this statement as a statement of fact. There are no facts to back up their claim. But, it’s presented as fact. Nancy Pelosi says you are anti-American.

If you have worked hard and made money, you don’t count. You must sacrifice for the less fortunate members of our country who don’t have it as good as you. It’s part of your patriotic duty. Pond scum. It’s not a good thing in America to succeed today. You are demonized. Your government will tax you poor.

If you aren’t a union worker you are pond scum. The salaried retirees from GM and Chrysler can tell you all about that. The reorganizations at both firms put the screws to the white collar retirees. Pond scum.

If you don’t live in a blue state you are pond scum. While you may live in a state not facing bankruptcy like most blue states, you just don’t count. Your government will respond to the blue states first. Go to the back of the line, pond scum.

If you believe cap and tax is just another government plan to give more power to the central government you are pond scum. You should know that it’s high time to destory the economy and manufacturing in this country for the greater good of Gore.

If you believe in less government you are pond scum. You should know that big government and big spending by big government is the way to make our country strong.

If you believe in states rights, more liberty for citizens, and greater freedom to do business and live your life, you are pond scum.

If you are a white male, under fifty, heterosexual, with no disabilities, pond scum of the worst kind. You have absolutely zero rights. You will always get treated second rate vs. any minority group.

If you are elderly and on social security and medicare, pond scum. Your government wants you to give up a half trillion in medical expense to make way for the young and unemployed to use the doctors, nurses, and medications you need. Just get out of the way and die. Pond scum.

If you pay your mortgage and can buy your own car without government help, pond scum. You need to help your less fortunate neighbors pay their mortgages and buy cars by trading their clunkers. Just send some more taxes to your government to do this.

If you have been successful and amassed a good estate to pass on to your heirs, pond scum. Your government plans to tap this to fund programs to help those who need it worse than your heirs. If it’s a farm, your heirs will have to sell it to pay the taxes. If it’s a business, they will have to sell it to pay the taxes. Sorry.

But, maybe change is coming. Exxon is investing a half billion dollars in research to make algae(pond scum) into fuel. Pond scum may be gaining attention today. Pond scum are attending town hall meetings and expressing anger. Pond scum attended tea parties and protested for the first times in many of their lives. Pond scum are being energized without Exxon’s help.

The best news, the independents and republicans in this country far outnumber the democrats. As more and more independents realize they have or are about to become pond scum, they are getting upset. Youth in this country see their futures taken from them. Blend them with the elderly, the red states, and the good people with common sense, and you have a huge majority. Once energized, pond scum can be dangerous. The more we are insulted by the likes of Pelosi, who says this is an astro turf movement, or Obama, who just refused to acknowledge we exist, or the media who minimalize us, we will get even madder. Most of us are not intimidated by thugs hired by ACORN or SEIU who might try to stop us from exercising our rights. We have fought many battles in our lives and won a few and we can stand up to these goons too.

Soon, just perhaps, pond scum will take back our country. Maybe as soon as the 2010 elections.

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