I Guess I’m Un-American

August/12/2009 17:44PM
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Nancy Pelosi pointed out to all Americans in a USA Today op ed article that those who disagree with Health Care Reform are un-American. Sorry, Madame Speaker, but that makes me unAmerican by your standards.

I’m not sure whether I should be ashamed or proud. I consider San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi, and everything you represent un-American.

I consider running a $2 trillion deficit in 2009 un-American. In 2008 it was a mere $400 billion. Putting this debt on top of the $11 trillion National Debt destroys the future for my grand kids. That’s un-American. Why? To gain central power and try to secure a long term future for your party. Now, you want me to believe putting an additional trillion on top of that for an ill-conceived Health Care plan is good for America. Sorry.

I went to a Tea Party in April in Phoenix along with 10,000 other disgruntled Americans. None looked like the goons you put on the street with ACORN when you want to protest something. They remind me of the brown shirts in Nazi Germany. Doesn’t seem like an American way to protest.

I have written a daily blog for over 18 months because I don’t like what you, Madame Speaker, are trying to do to my country. I will not rest until you are sent back to San Francisco or just relegated to being a congresswoman.

I am ashamed that my President lied to a town hall meeting about the support for Health Care Reform from the AARP. I am ashamed of the AARP that they can’t support the elderly who they represent since they have become an insurance company, not an association for the elderly. They have sold out just like our elected officials always do. I can’t imagine how many AARP cards have been sent back to them with nasty letters.

I am concerned that my country elected a narcissistic president who can’t stay focused on any problem for 24 hours. His flaming ambition to be president of the world comes before all else. His judgment is seriously flawed. His inexperience shows. He’s still in campaign mode. He has surrounded himself with inexperienced people. Like you, Madame Speaker, I trust nothing he says or does.

This country has lost confidence in Washington, and you, Pelosi, are a big part of that. You lied about what you knew about water boarding and had to go underground for a month.

People in this country have no faith that our government can run anything. And, we shouldn’t. You have a long list of failures. Few, if any, successes.

Madame Speaker, if being un-American is disagreeing with your policies, I promise you I will continue to be un-American.

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