Fourth and Fifth Branches Of Government

August/12/2009 16:52PM
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Most of us learned in civics classes that our government has three branches of government. The Legislative Branch which makes laws. The Executive Branch represented by the President. And, the Judicial Branch to rule on laws. This has stood for years. Now, the Change President, Obama, has added two branches.

One new branch is the Czar Branch. Roughly three dozen czars have been added by this president. Change you can believe in. No one knows what the role these czars play. Not the congress, not the Supreme Court, not the American public. They, unlike cabinet members are not confirmed by the Senate. No one knows the budget or source of funding for these czars. Each has a staff. Being conservative, I would guess the tab for czars must be nearing a half billion dollars.

Who knows who is in charge? Does the cabinet head make the calls or does the czar? Aren’t things confusing enough in Washington without adding czars? When congress has questions the cabinet agency head must truck down there and answer under oath. What if the czar did the damage the congress is trying to fix? Do they truck down and answer under oath? They would plead executive privilege just like the members of the President’s staff has done in the past.

Having worked in the corporate world, I can imagine the turf wars going on between the czars and the various cabinet appointees who are assigned the responsibility and accountability to do certain work.

With the deficit expected to hit 2 trillion this year, it seems inappropriate to add a whole new branch of government unfunded and unauthorized by congress or the Constitution.

The fifth new branch is the Fed. Congress has been asking to audit the Fed and while Ron Paul is still trying to get a bill through to do that, the response has been no.

So, the Fed which may have put up to $12 trillion of debt or crisp new bills in play, they don’t have to answer to the pubic, the congress, or anyone except the President about where the money went.

Just when we need to be shrinking government to save money, our new president has established two new branches of government. Wasn’t there a lot of talk on the campaign trail about transparency in this government?

As this president loses credibility by stepping away from the truth like he did at his Insurance Reform Town Hall meeting this week when he said the AARP endorses his Health Reform Bill, whatever that may be, only to have the head of the AARP say, that’s not true, he loses support. Or, that he doesn’t want a single payer plan, only to have clips from his speech as a Senator speaking to a union group stating clearly that he favors single payer and that it may take time to get it and maybe you get reform first, then move from there to single payer.

The unrest in America grows. We need to go back to three branches of government. We need to go back to being a country that does not have czars since it reaffirms the growing belief that this president wants to make us like Russia. The Fed needs to tell congress and the public what it is doing with $12 trillion of our money.

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