Dump Your AARP Membership

August/04/2009 15:59PM
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If you go to yesterday’s blog, scroll to the bottom and hit the link to a website where you will hear an interview with a health care advocate who has read the health care reform bill in congress, something few people have done. She elaborates on the damage this will do to the elderly, those of us on Medicare. On the web page you can also listen to a representative from AARP give the official AARP position on health care reform.

Another AARP stooge was interviewed by Glen Beck on his show on Fox News today. Seniors are coming out in droves to the town hall meeting because we get it. The AARP is selling us down the river. It’s tantamount to the NRA agreeing to gun control. What’ s the point in belonging to an organization that is supposed to support senior citizens when the organization is more interested in supporting Obama.

If you don’t want to send your card in and cancel your membership, at least threaten to do so.

I want to encourage you to listen to the aforementioned radio interview, but if you don’t, it spells out clearly the truth that 50% of the money to support health care reform will come from Medicare cuts. Not fraud, which is only 1% at most. When has the government ever cut fraud? It will come from the same types of savings generated in the UK and Canada. If you are on Medicare and need dialysis, sorry. You get death counseling. You get it every five years if your are on Medicare and more often if you need serious medical attention. If you have macular degeneration, you must go blind in one eye before you get medication.

How is AARP dancing around all the hate mail and cancellations they are getting? By weasel words. Just like the people who are designing and trying to enact this reform. Words like we agree with parts and disagree with other parts. Until the AARP says, ” we disagree with every part of the current health care reform in congress”, the organization needs to lose a few million members who pay for these idiots to make bad decisions in our behalf.

You may get a form letter if you write your elected officials about health care reform. But, if your AARP card hits the mailbox at their headquarters, you will get a response. If millions hit their mailboxes they may begin to behave like the NRA and represent us properly.

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