Unreformed Health Care Reform

July/17/2009 16:11PM
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President Dogma continues to spout this about health care reform: America will go bankrupt if we don’t have health care reform, or the economy can’t get fixed without health care reform, or the big one, in a wealthy nation like ours, everyone in entitled to good health care. Leadership by dogma. Establish unfounded statements and say them over and over and they become accepted fact. Set up straw dogs that no opponent can attack since no argument can be made against an unfounded statement bereft of substance.

ABC’s, Stossel, will air a documentary showing the state of health care in Canada. It’s true, according to Stossel, that you can get immediate treatment in Canada. It shows the system does work. But, not for humans, for animals. You can take your dog or cat in to a Vet and get whatever medical help the pet needs 24/7. But, people may wait up to two weeks for a CAT scan regardless of need, best case.

The majority of Americans, by poll, do not favor health care reform of the type being churned up in either the House or Senate. But, in America, majority votes don’t count.

There is a fact about health care in America that is not disputed. Malpractice insurance is driving up costs. Most doctors work up to 6 months a year to pay the premiums. The most glaring area begging for reform is medical tort reform. Is it a part of any bills being debated? No. Why not?

Up to 75% of the people debating health care reform are attorneys. Believe me they look after their own like family. So, no tort reform. If malpractice insurance could be cut by 75% doctors say they would be able to treat more patients, reduce cost, and eliminate many tests that they do to cover their asses.

I say, lets start here. Let’s cap malpractice suits. Let’s let malpractice insurance rates drop. Let’s see what this does to drive down health care costs.

You see, I have many problems with dogma. President Reset is blowing smoke. This is the no smoke blown blog. He is becomming a real pain with his hourly speeches. When data presented by the other side is let through the filter, it makes more sense than the smoke screen. His vodoo numbers are destroying his credibility. His VP says to save the country from bankruptcy, we must spend more. How’s that for stupid?

If you want reform, start with tort reform. After all, FDR spent 3 years putting through social security. LBJ spent 2 years on medicare. Obama, who thinks he’s God, wants to do reform in a week.

President Obama, your own Congressional Budget Office has gone on record saying you are making up numbers again to shove another piece of bad legislation on the public. You are being branded as someone who doesn’t care a whit about using untruths to sell horsefeathers if the deal adds to your plan to make us into the old USSR.

Your exposure, like that of Paris Hilton, wearing thin. Leadership means you talk to us about things that are important. Now, when you talk no one listens, you talk too much and reset history to change facts. Put a sock in it President Obama. Show the folks you can talk straight, not try to put skins on the wall at any price, and get off my TV ten times a day.

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