Teflon President Loses His Stick

July/28/2009 17:26PM
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All of the issues during the campaign did not stick to the candidate Obama. Not the inexperience, not the Reverend Wright, not Bill Ayers, not the radical left record in the Illinois senate or the U.S. Senate. The man was truly Teflon coated.

At warp speed he has shed the Teflon. The grease is sticking to the pan and it looks like it will just accumulate.

With a lot of help from the media he got a pass on all the tax cheats and former lobbyists he put on his team. He got a pass for going abroad and apologizing for America’s proud history. He got a pass for over 8,000 earmarks in the stimulus bill and the revised budget. He got a pass for the stimulus bill. But on every pass, he lost a few supporters along the way. He was unapologetic for creating record deficits. The czars, a pass. Cramming radical socialistic legislation with unreasonable deadlines, he was getting a pass. Telling us the stimulus bill will reduce unemployment, but it didn’t. Another pass.

Suddenly he stepping it so deeply he can’t get it off his shoes. He thought the “talking head” could sell America a slap dash version of health care reform in days. Boy, was he wrong. He held a news conference and drug out the same old tired rhetoric and it didn’t work. The trust me stuff doesn’t work when you’ve over spent your trust bank. Saying the economy will tank if we don’t do it even as your own Congressional Budget Office says it will cost a cool trillion more insults the intelligence of most Americans.

Then, at the end, jump on a racial issue and take the side of the African American friend without facts. Bad night, Mr. President.

Right now your pan looks like a pan in my sink when I was in college and hygiene was not a big issue. God knows what might have been growing in that pan. Your previous pan was squeaky clean. Now, everything is sticking to your pan. Even the stuff that didn’t stick before. It’s looking like you will never get that pan shined up again. Once that bacteria starts growing in that pan there may not be enough antibiotics to kill the stuff.

Mr. President we are getting to know you. The veil is down, the camel has his nose in the tent, and many more Americans are developing buyer’s remorse. Remember how no one invited Cheney to campaign for them during the last campaign. You may find a lot of Democrats who choose not to ask you for help next year. If that happens, you will be a lame duck at the end of next year.

You seem to be like a teenager who is burning rubber so fast your tires may be gone in 6 months.

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