Sarah Palin’s Resignation

July/04/2009 18:39PM
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Non stop news of Michael Jackson’s untimely death took a slight pause with Sarah Palin’s surprise announcement of her resignation as Governor of Alaska. Pundits say it’s the kiss of death for Palin. The mainstream news networks are gloating. Their biggest fear, a woman who is not from the Ivy League, the Metro areas of the east or west coast, and has a normal life, is out of politics forever. That’s their position and they are sure they are right, as they are about most things.

I have another theory. Her resignation was requested by her party. The Republican Party needs her more than Alaska right now. The country needs here more than Alaska right now. Dick Cheney showed how attacking Obama can work. But, Dick is the right man for that attack, but not for an overall attack. Sarah is the right person.

She represents the values of mainstream America. Smaller government, energy development here in all forms, less spending, and more individual liberty. She has never wavered from those values. Like Ronald Reagan, it’s what she believes. Unfortunately, she ran with a man who was a Democrat wannabe. She drew bigger crowds than McCain on the campaign trail. She whipped the crowds up while McCain put them to sleep. She spoke with plain language people could understand. She represented people who knew we didn’t want the world Obama has brought to America. Now, that population is growing. The Independents are growing disenchanted with Obama.

Sarah may not be ready to be president, but she is the perfect person to attack the president we have. She can speak around the country and help people understand the damage Obama is doing to the future of our country. She can draw the crowds and get the money flowing into the Republican coffers to mount a big challenge in 2010 to get the Republicans running for office elected.

Sarah is the anti-Obama. She represents everything he isn’t. She is for smaller taxes. She is against cap and trade. She is against Universal Health Care. She is for a balanced budget. She is sorely needed to stump for the platforms that represent the options to what we have now. And, she can get the people out to listen. She can be the lightning rod for the media, the environmentalists, the unions, and the current administration. She can attack without conscience and concern about consequences.

She is leaving Alaska for all of us who are worried about our future and the futures of our kids and grand kids. Those of us who don’t want to live in a socialist America need to applaud Sarah’s decision and support her mission. She will do real damage to Obama, which seems hard to do right now since most Republicans who could speak are like Mark Sanford, a man Fred Sanford could outsmart. Drooling fools.

Get ready, it should be fun to watch. The lady with the big heart will fight a good fight. She will get attention and the trashing of her will escalate in the media. But, while they trash, the message will be clear. There is someone in the Republican Party who can play defense and offense at the same time. Boy, does the party and the country need her right now.

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