Read My Lips: “It’s All About More Government Control”

July/13/2009 17:57PM
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People are beginning to wonder about why so much change has to come so fast. A $700 billion stimulus bill that no one read, including the President. A Cap and Trade bill that will hurt poor Americans more than anyone, again, that no one read. A bill, if passed by the Senate, that will raise all energy prices and make more manufacturing go offshore. Supposedly, for the greater good of the planet. At the G-8 Obama’s enthusiasm was met with yawns. Next, a Universal Health Care bill that will ration health care, reduce the quality of care for the 80% who are happy with their current health care, and ultimately result in the Federal Government running the entire health care insurance industry. Another bill no one will read.

Why is it that matters of this import must be done in a hurry and little thought given to the details of how the process will work or not work? Truth is it doesn’t matter how they work or don’t work. It only matters that all three transfer power to Washington. The more power the Federal Government gets the less power the states, local government, and the individuals have. The transfer of power insures the current party and politicians in power remain in power. The less independent the rest of us become, the more dependent we become on our benevolent government.

Universal Health care of any kind requires careful thought. It is a complex problem and needs a great deal of debate. It won’t get any of that. It will be like a camel made by a committee with something to appease the key interest groups. It will be a disaster for lack of careful thought. But, once in, it will be hard to fix. Blame can always be placed elsewhere- on the doctors, the greedy insurance and drug companies, and we, the people. It won’t be the culprits who cabbaged it together to meet the ambitious timetable of the Great One, Obama. The Great One could care less about the details. It’s said the devil is the details, but in this case the devil finds the details are far below his job description.

He is more interested in his own brand enhancement, the Obama Brand, not the American Brand. Little did we know we were giving up the American Brand when he became the president.

The Obama Brand wants all authority in his office. He wants to be the president of the world, and as some have said, he is the reset man. He makes speeches all over the world where he restates history. His version of how the Cold War ended in his speech in Russia is pure bogus. Nuclear disarmament did not end the Cold War, the Soviet Union going broke ended it. He believes, or says he does, we only need to do a better job of disarmament and the Iranis and the North Koreans will not pursue nuclear weapons. What do you think Putin thought of that logic? Since Putin only gave the Great One a few minutes of his time, it’s apparent he isn’t buying the Obama Brand.

If we apologize to the world for what the Obama Brand believes are the wrongs of our entire history, and use reset, if need be, to warp the truth, we can tell the world that, I, Obama, will change everything that history says made America great.The world likes that message, since they envy us. They would like to see us humbled. We tell the world we are going to rebuild America in the Obama Brand image. We’ll throw a few billion at Ghana to make them love the brand. Billions we don’t have to throw.

But, most importantly, we will make America into Obama’s vision of the Obama Brand. It will have the government control everything. There will be no rich in America. There will be no entrepreneurs in America. There will be no states that have any authority in America. All will be dependent on the Federal Government, and soon, with California and New York coming into the fold quickly.

If we go faster we can turn America into the trash heap the USSR became using the same formula. We can escalate the war in Afghanistan and dump billions we don’t have there like the USSR did. We can kill manufacturing and turn most successful businesses in America into failures. We can have more intrusive regulations to make sure no one steps out of line. We can put more and more on the dole dependent on government for the basics of life including their health. We can make the media state controlled, oh, it already is, check that one done. We can tap every ounce of wealth any American has generated by their labors and pass that around. Rich people are a danger to the brand, except the newly rich Obama family.

Then and only then will we once again be a community organizer, since America will be just like the south side of Chicago.

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