Most Onerous Bill in American History

July/01/2009 17:17PM
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The cap and trade bill as it was passed by the House will intrude on your liberties more than any bill in the history of the this country. I tried to wade though the bill, but no one can possibly do that. It should be substituted for drugs for insomniacs. It will put you to sleep. No wonder no one read the bill. They just passed the thing.

You’ve read about all the damage it will do to our economy. Losses in manufacturing, jobs, GDP, tax revenue, and increases in all energy costs, food, and items all of us buy every day.

You’ve read that the skeptics on the reality and damage of global warming and the questionable role carbon emissions play in the non-global warming issue. The atmosphere is made up of many gases. If 10,000 spectators were watching Obama speak, only four of them would be CO-2 the rest would be other gases. That’s the role CO-2 plays in the world’s atmosphere. Over 30,000 scientists have signed a petition that there is no global warming. Japan and Australia are opting out. None of this is important. Nor are the aforementioned economic issues. There is only one reason for Cap and Trade.

More government control over your life. In every area of your life.

Here are just a few I gleaned from the bill. All new houses built in the US will meet the California environmental code. Before you can sell your house, it must be brought up to that code, regardless of your place of residence. New houses built must have a plug in for electric cars. There will be a bigger government bureaucracy than the IRS to enforce these. In the UK, there is talk of an energy ration card that allows you a specific amount of monthly energy. When you exceed that number, you will pay a tax. Utilities can control the settings in your home for heat and air. You have no thermostat.

No matter that China and India will offset our meager savings a thousand-fold. No matter that this will fraught with graft and government waste. No matter that you will be told it will only increase your gasoline prices and utility bills by $700 a year when it will be $4,000 a year. No matter that it hurts the working man most. None of this matters.

It’s all about central power, regulations, government control, and loss of your liberty and freedom. It’s the biggest step to becomming Russia.

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