Americans Are Pretty Smart

July/21/2009 17:42PM
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A used car salesman selling lemons needs lots of new people coming in to look at cars. He gets no repeat business. Once you buy a lemon from a slick salesman, you don’t go back, and you tell lots of friends.

The American public is starting to think President Obama is selling lemons. Once you get a reputations for selling lemons, you don’t make too many sales.

It is incredible how fast the public caught on to this president. He is spending endless hours twisting arms and in on-camera time to sell his Health Care Bill, whatever that bill might be. Seems like Obama is totally indifferent to content, just give me a bill. Suddenly his own party, sensing the public is catching on to their role in lemon sales, are jumping ship. The just sign here and trust me deal is over. Survival instincts are kicking in and the smell coming from the White House could taint their re-election hopes.

The media did not do this, the Republican Party gets no credit, it’s all due to the American people. Unfortunately, this same public bears grudges when trust is broken. Burn your reputation and it’s hard to regain trust.

The American people see how well the government runs the Veterans Administration health care program. The American people go to the post office and the bureau of motor vehicles. The “folks” know the government can’t run anything let alone everything.

There’s an old saying, when the horse dies, dismount. The Obama horse is dead and millions of Americans have dismounted. Rhambo, Obama’s devil in residence is best known for saying “never let a good crisis go to waste”. Rhambo and Obama underestimated the wisdom of the people. Now, they will see the wrath.

Guys, it’s over. Move your used car lot to France. The French don’t seem to catch on when you sell them lemons.

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