The Union Label

June/09/2009 19:03PM
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Look for the Union Label. It will tell you where the next problem will come from in the US.

Let’s start with the one we all see pretty clearly. The UAW. Most Americans feel the UAW played the major role in bringing down GM and Chrysler. Job banks where workers who had been laid off and were collecting full pay for years is a hint. Excessive wages and benefits, excessive based on what other car companies paid workers in the US, is another clue. So, who goes in the penalty box when the government takes over both companies, not the UAW. The Supreme Court put a stay on the Chrysler sale to Fiat based on the Indiana pension funds who charged the government and the bankruptcy judge were violating long-standing legal precedent in bankruptcy proceedings. Senior lenders historically got a dollar on the dollar and unsecured creditors like the UAW got what was left. Not so, says Obama. The UAW put me in office, they get the good deal and the Constitution, legal precedent, and fairness get set-aside.

Making the UAW the big winners in the Chrysler and GM problems only assures one thing. Both companies will fail. Billions of tax dollars will be spent to assure other unions will continue to vote Democratic. It’s the end game. You simply don’t count, nor do your tax dollars. You aren’t organized. No one takes a chunk of your paycheck to fund campaigns. Pond scum, that’s what you are.

Then there’s education in this country. Almost to a person, most Americans say we need education reform. Not Obama’s reform, where everyone gets a free education through college, but reform that makes the US competitive with China and India with the levels of talent in the students turned out by our system. We spend far more per pupil than either China or India spend, but we get far less for our dollar. Why? No accountability.

Our teachers don’t have any goals. They are like our politicians. Why? The teachers’ union won’t hear of such an idea. Expect teachers to teach and be measured on the results. Are you kidding me? Spend billions on facilities, on administration, on computers, and over pay teachers, but never, never expect any of that to meet specific standards. Teachers come out of the university with energy and good intentions. Then the union and the system takes over. Just as it does in a union shop. Beat those rate busters down. Get the tenure and coast. Go through the motions. If you are busting your chops and the rest of the faculty is skating and getting paid the same or more, how long do you bust your chops?

If it isn’t the union, how do you explain why students from China and India are outshining our students in every measure? It isn’t money, since we spend far more. Is it because our young people don’t work in school? If that’s the case, whose job is it to challenge them? We keep making expectations lower and lower and the NEA, just like the UAW, makes sure that doesn’t change. Vouchers are a big threat to the NEA. As are magnet schools. They prove motivated teachers can motivate students to learn and score high on all test criteria. They are the bane of the NEA.

Government at all levels make a lot of noise about ecucation reform. But, it comes down to votes and the NEA is organized. Once again, you are pond scum. You aren’t going to get education reform because you pose no threat. The NEA, on the other hand, is shoveling cash to the candidates who support their version of education reform. More money, smaller classrooms, better facilities and zero accountability and year after year of lower test scores.

The biggest problem of all is a union label you don’t know much about. It’s the Service Workers Union. They work through ACORN. They not only shovel money to the candidates who support card check and their pet projects, they actually bring voters to the polls. They threaten would be voters with New Black Panther troops at the polling place with impunity from the Attorney General. They push for Universal Health Care so there can be more health care workers and janitors on the union rolls.

So, examine some of the biggest challenges facing our country today, and behind the scenes you will find the Union Label.

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