The Big Time Out

June/14/2009 10:09AM
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Don’t you wonder what all these people are doing?

The comics who zing the presidents. They have been mute since January 21st. Is it because we have a black president? Or, is it because all of them, like David Letterman are flaming left wingers and they just can’t tell a joke about the man who will lead us to the great world of failed Socialism?

The media people who are paid to find and expose wrongs. They are obviously on vacation, since no more has been heard about the Pelosi situation. Remember, how the CIA lied. Guess they are all on leave. Have you read anything about what it will cost to close Gitmo? Little bits about an obscure island called Palau, Koror. Obama plans to ship a few Uighurs to Palau. The island has a population of 20,000 year round residents. Suddenly, the US, which has been quietly giving this island $20 million annually will now give them $200 million. Their GDP is $157 million. Isn’t this a nice prize to take a few bad guys and put them in a place just like Gitmo. Someone should be keeping score on this for the public? No one does, all on time out.

How much will all the czars cost? Wouldn’t you think the media would be all over this? Putting a pencil to how much each czar is costing the taxpayer. Since we’ve never had czars, we should know what this new earmark is costing and what is being accomplished. Guess all those people are on vacation.

Universal Health Care is the hot topic. Shouldn’t media people be reporting how this is working in places like the UK and Canada? On vacation, all of them.

What’s happening in Iraq and Afghanistan? When Bush was being set-up for the big Republican demise, every media type was in Iraq reporting how bad it was going for us? All on vacation, since it appears it’s going equally bad in Afghanistan right now. Not news anymore.

Let’s see if I understand this strange phenomena. The press and TV news ratings are all down dramatically, except for Fox News. Many newspapers are out of business with more to follow including the New York Times. Advertising and ratings are down on network news and most cable news channels. So, they decide right in the midst of losing revenue and viewers that everything Obama is off limits. No hard news. Gee, if all I report is drivel, wonder why I’m going out of business?

Do they think we are so dumb, we won’t notice? Since 600,000 people called the 800 number to ask why their TVs went off Saturday, I guess many won’t notice. Are those of who do get it are so apathetic we do nothing to show we notice? That’s what they are betting the rest of the little farm they have left. You see in their minds only the elitists know what they are doing and the rest of us don’t see the ruse.

I do see it, and I hope you do also. I’m boycotting all CBS shows until Letterman apologizes and gets taken off the air just like Imus did. I’ve written the network and Governor Palin. I hope more of you will. Go to and you can get addresses and phone numbers for all the groups involved. CBS personnel, advertisers for the Letterman Show, etc. They plan a protest at the theatre tomorrow night. I just know one thing, if Letterman had said something like that about my 13 year old granddaughter he would be in dire need of medical attention. I find everything about it offensive and CBS needs to do what the Imus network did to him. Fire the man. Imus made his comment off the cuff and Letterman rehearsed his.

Even local news is off duty. One local station in Chicago did an expose on the Chicago Streets and Sanitation Department. They followed four supervisors around and none did any work the day they were followed. That was very good work. The city is cutting a few employees. This same local station did a 5 minute coverage of the union protests about the layoffs and it was all supportive of the poor people being laid off. Not a word about the previous report documenting that this department has loafers.

Millions of workers across the country packed their boxes and were escorted out of their offices and went quietly. It is hard for the media to report the current unemployment numbers even though it’s big news. But, this group, which was documented by the same station as shirkers, puts on a protest and gets sympathy. Gee, I wonder why they didn’t get mine.

And so it goes, the spinning continues. Keep your mind open and listen carefully and you might notice the big time out is on for the exalted one. When that changes, I will be amazed. I think more papers and TV stations will be long gone before the rest go back to work.

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