The ABC’s of ABC

June/28/2009 19:42PM
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ABC broadcast a one-hour endorsement of both President Obama and his health care proposal. It was called Prime Time Questions for the President. It had the fewest viewers in the 10PM time slot and tied some 8PM comedy repeats as the lowest-rated program on a major network in prime time-ever.

So, ABC becomes the first major media outlet to completely sell out to the current administration. The rest still pretend to be bastions of journalism. Now it’s official, ABC is the equivalent of Tass or Pravda. What you will see from now on is ABC’s support of all things Obama. If you support Obama, now you can even give up MSNBC and switch to ABC and get the unvarnished version of what the Obama press corps wants to tell you.

You do have to give ABC credit. They came out of the closet. They gave up all pretenses of being journalists. Not only did they deliver the mail for the President, but they took one for the team. These ratings will further reduce their ability to charge advertisers a competitive rate. There will be advertisers who want to get in on the benefits of the state controlled media outlet so they can focus on their target audience, consumers who want to buy what their government is pushing and producing with support from their government,like GM. Maybe GM will give their entire advertising budget to ABC. It is estimated that GM and Crysler have a $7 billion ad budget which will be controlled by the car czar. Big job, maybe ABC will produce a show like Donald Trump’s where the car czar can fire one executive in each series.

This makes it so much easier for everyone. I can now choose never to watch ABC, the state controlled TV network, since I have no interest in what they are saying or selling. Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, can now throw the remote away and watch ABC exclusively.

To make fascism work, one must control the media. But, part of that is getting an audience. Obama has the first part handled, but it seems his devoted following was watching a CSI New York re-run or the debut of the Philanthropist on NBC, the General Electric Network. NBC and CBS will now run a race to see who comes out next. I’m betting on NBC, since GE is so heavily vested in health care and green energy they will fall next. CBS, always the most liberal, will follow quickly.

Does it matter that this loses money for the networks? Of course not, they are all going broke anyway. They will be seeking bailouts and ABC will be at the front of the line now.

Does it matter that all forms of objectivity and fair journalistic practices are abandoned? Of course not, those were scrapped long ago.

So, ABC jumped first. Blatantly refusing to any form of opposition response. Just a full-out endorsement of a health care bill that will destroy the health care industry in this country. No mention of the problems elsewhere with a system like this. No debate. No hard questions. Just a simple little free informational for President Obama and his pack of socialists. So, nobody watched but the friends and family of ABC and Obama, so what? ABC sold out. Simple as that.

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