National Health Care Winners and Losers

June/19/2009 18:24PM
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If you are on Medicare, you will be a big loser. President Obama says he will cut $600 billion from Medicare expenses. This will limit your ability to receive medical care. The very people who need medical care most. Where is AARP on this? You will find rationing for every medical need, including serious needs.

If you have a medical plan from your employer, you will be a big loser. Your benefit will be taxed as well as your employer’s contribution. Your next raise will reflect that employer’s cost. Over time, your employer will drop your benefit and shift you to the National Plan.

If you work for an employer who doesn’t offer medical insurance, you may lose your job when your employer is faced with providing all employees medical insurance. You may have medical insurance, but no job. Today, you can go to an emergency room and get treatment, tomorrow you will have to apply to a government employee and wait for your turn. You may have insurance under this plan, but you may die before you get treatment.

If you are a gay partner of a Federal Government employee, you just hit the jackpot. You have the best medical insurance plan taxpayers can buy. But, when your partner has to compete with the millions of new insurers, you won’t find your new plan to be so good. You will fall in line with all your new friends with National Insurance.

However, as the proposal now stands, government employees will keep the insurance they have. Until this is changed, you should know the designers of the new plan want no part of that plan.

Certainly there will be winners in all this. The biggest winners will be the people who never worked and never will. They could have insurance now with Medicaid, but most don’t bother to sign up for the plan. They will now have health insurance. Others who only work because of health insurance, can now stop working.

If you are an illegal alien you will have another reason to stay here and bring all your friends across the border with you.

But, using Canada and the UK as examples, we will all be losers. There is not enough supply to handle the expected new demand. Not enough doctors, nurses, and medical facilities. Health care will be rationed and Americans don’t like to wait in line. The post office has cured all of us of that.

If you make a decent living, you will be paying more taxes to enjoy this debacle. It’s a given.

More doctors will retire since their work load will go up and their income go down. The quality of health care will go down. New drugs that might cure diseases will be fewer since the government will regulate the prices.

This is part of the master plan. Level the playing field. Those who work hard and succeed and have assets have health care now since they would have to put up assets to pay for health care if they didn’t have insurance. Those how have no assets roll the dice since health care providers just add the unpaid bills to your bill. Now no one will be uninsured but no one will get good health care. That pretty much levels the field.

You didn’t get to speak on the idea that “every American should own a house”. You had that done to you by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. This is the same idea: every American should have health care. The results will be the same.

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