Justice in America

June/18/2009 7:44AM
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Boy, this has been a banner month for justice in America.

A judge in Oklahoma gives a convicted felon a one year sentence for raping a four year old girl. David Earls, age 64, admits to raping and sodomizing this little girl over several months. A District Judge Tom Bartheld gives this man a one-year sentence. Earls will serve 3 months. Not bad enough? The governor refuses to act. The Oklahoma attorney General, Drew Edmondson, who plans to run for governor, said on camera “I have no jurisdiction in this matter.” This was either ignorance or a blatant lie, since state law does give him the power to look into matters of this nature. Good luck with that run for governor, Drew. Good luck keeping your seat, Tom Bartheld. Good luck District Attorney, Jim Bob Miller, the man who recommended the sentence to Bartheld. Are these people just trying to self-destruct or don’t the know how to say “I messed up, let’s fix it?” Watching Drew Edmondson lie on camera was a joy. A shifty-eyed slime ball, he shouldn’t be allowed to run for dog catcher.

Then we have Donte’ Stallworth. He runs a man down with his Bentley so drunk he probably broke the breathalyzer. He gets 30 days. Stallworth is a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. He got out the checkbook and spread a bunch of money around. The victim’s family got a bunch. Probably, the DA, the judge, and many attorneys got a pile. He may even get a one-game suspension for the NFL. If you took the average jail time for all the drunks who killed people with their cars, it would certainly be more than 30 days. A lot more. Under the same circumstances, it would be more than 5 years. How does this DA and judge sleep at night? No problem, they have increased assets to soothe their shrunken pride. In Chicago, a judge could have been found to suspend the 30-day sentence. With help from a governor. Or, a mayor. You can still buy justice in America.

Then we have Gerald Walpin. The inspector general fired by President Obama. Wow, I thought the president had a lot on this plate lately. With North Korea firing off missiles, with Iran in upheaval, with having to run two car companies, banks, an insurance company, and pushing universal health care and cap and trade, giving benefits to partners of gay government employees, and having a free two hour informational at ABC, how did he find time to fire an inspector general?

Well, he didn’t think he had to fire Gerald Walpin, he thought the man would just resign. But, old Gerald didn’t play ball. In fact he reminded the President that he didn’t have the authority to fire him. The Senate passed a bill to protect these people form just this. The inspectors general have a license to hunt. They may trap high-level politicians. Therefore, they need protection from the power of these people who may not like what they are doing. So, the president must send a letter to congress outling the reasons for firing an inspector general. The co-sponsor of that bill in the Senate, one Barack Obama. Whoa, when I wrote that bill, I didn’t intend for it to get me in the mix, thought the President.

So, after Gerald didn’t buy the resignation bit, Obama sends a letter to congress saying Gerald is senile. He was not up to the job. Why does Gerald say he was fired? he had the goods on Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who is an Obama supporter and former NBA basketball star. Johnson was caught, by Gerald, misusing funds from AmeriCorps to the tune of $847,000. He and his foundation have agree to repay half of the money.

As to Gerald being unfit, have you seen the video of Congressman Alan Grayson(D-FL) grilling inspector general Elizabeth Coleman about the oversight of the trillions of Federal Reserve actions recently. Thousands have seen the video on the Internet. I’ve had dozens of copies sent to me. My first impression was that someone had drummed this up for entertainment. I could not believe that an inspector general could be that stupid.

So, I’m sitting here thinking, I want to upgrade the inspectors general talent in my country. Who goes first. Elizabeth Coleman, who embarrassed me and the Federal Reserve and my entire administration and continues to do so, since the video keeps making the rounds, or Mr. Walpin, who dug up dirt on my good buddy Kevin? Sorry, Gerald, you have to go first. And, since you won’t go willingly I will trash your reputation and call you senile to the world. It’s a big favor I owe Kevin.

And, so it goes with justice in America. A poor little girl in Oklahoma gets none because a DA and Judge screwed up and thought no one would notice. Then a governor and a state’s Attorney General have no guts and lie and pass the buck. An NFL player buys a light sentence for killing a man on his way home from work. An NBA player gets the President of the United States to fire an inspector general for doing his job. Then, trashs his reputation to justify the firing.

Is this a great country, or what?

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