Insulting Your Intelligence

June/27/2009 18:09PM
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The House took another new step to reinforce their perspective of how little they think of your ability to understand anything. The put through the biggest tax bill in the history of America and not one of them read the bill. They took a bad idea, porked it up with special interests, and turned it into a worse idea. The President supports it, but he has no idea whatsoever what is in the bill, nor does he care. Does any of this sound familiar? This is the era of speed readers in the House. Distribute a massive spending bill, ink still wet, and vote on it the same day.

Remember the stimulus bill? Same deal. Do you remember any of the promises made about the stimulus bill? Keeping unemployment below 8%, shovels in the ground, no pork. None true.

Would you really vote for someone who would shove a bill through without reading it? What are your minimum expectations of a congressman? What level of trust do you put in those holding that job?

We have turned our country over to pond scum. The worst of the worst. This bill, which probably won’t pass the senate, is the pits for you. You will pay double your utility bill, more for gasoline, more for all products produced in this country, and watch more jobs move offshore. Maybe yours. All in the name of what?

Cap and trade in Europe has been an abject failure. Very little accomplished, jobs lost, costs up, millions skimmed off by unscrupulous politicians and their friends, and a European economy in worse shape than ours. Did you ever hear a debate on why we should do something that has been tried and failed? No, a debate like that might wake you up and get you angry. Meanwhile China and India chuckle. They know they will be able to sell more here and produce more there. Another step toward ending manufacturing in the U.S.

Next step for you, a health care program that doesn’t work and costs even more. Will that little jewel get shoved through at the 11Th hour with no one reading it either?

Does it bother anyone other than me that we have a president who has no interest in details. He wants “a stimulus bill”, “cap and trade”, “Gitmo closed”, and “health care”, but he cares less in what form they evolve. We have a congress that will do the bidding of the president on his timetable. That means that junior staff write these bills and no one reads them before they vote on them. These huge initiatives that will wreak havoc on the public are written by low-level staff people and rubber stamped by congress and the President. They are passing initiatives not bills. The whole idea is to say look what we did, without knowing what they did.

None of these initiatives have worked in history or in recent history in other places. We can do it better, we’re America. So, we start by cramming the bills through without knowing whether they are the foundation for repairing what didn’t work in history or elsewhere. That’s a real confidence builder.

Have you heard the debate on the floor on cap and trade? A bunch of blowhards pontificating. Sounding like the Governor of South Carolina explaining in 20 minutes why he had an affair. Never, never a discussion on why it’s failing in Europe and why we can make it work.

Here are the pictures of the eight republicans who voted for this bill. Mark Kirk from Illinois is one.

Are we so dumbed down that we are going to let this continue?

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