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June/05/2009 17:47PM
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The government took over Amtrak 30 years ago. Forty billion dollars later they still have control.

Now, the government has control of the banks, the mortgage business, the two biggest U.S. car companies, and soon the health care industry. Whats next?

How about the media? Most major newspapers are in financial trouble. Many radio and TV stations are bleeding red ink. The advertising revenues are down and readers, listeners, and viewership is down. Are they too big to fail? I believe you will soon see the government begin to step in and take over control.

What about the states? Will it begin with California? Will the government step in and take control of the states?

Then what, the airlines and the oil industry? Somewhere in Washington plans are being made that will include these businesses as well.

When the Federal Government controls all of this, what do we have? Russia, that’s what.

A country that can’t deliver any product or service at a competitive price or in a competent way. That’s Russia. Or, Mexico. Or any of the socialist countries.

Is this what you want to leave your kids and grand kids? A future with a poorer standard of living, less freedoms, and more intrusion.

If you don’t get more active in trying to stop what’s happening, this will be your legacy to future generations.

Still think you can’t make a difference. If that’s true, how did the UAW make a difference? How did Acorn get the man elected who is making this happen? How does the ACLU play such a big role in key decisions in this country? How did the radical environmentalists stop all progress?

Washington is still for sale. If you want to buy a piece, you need to get out the checkbook and support the efforts underway to stop this mess. Do it now.

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