Environmental Terrorists

June/30/2009 19:03PM
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Environmental terrorists have killed more people in the past 30 years than any terrorist or group can ever hope to kill.

Rachael Carson wrote Silent Spring. She claimed that DDT caused more cancer in children. The head of the EPA held hearings, consulted scientists and concluded that there were greater percentages of children with cancer but the percentage was deceptive since so many other childhood diseases had been cured. William Ruckelshaus over rode that document and signed the ban into effect. He was a member of the Audubon Society and another Carson claim was bird’s egg shells were becomming thinner. Ruckelshaus put the birds before human life.

As a result of that decision, the World Health Organization also banned DDT. It is estimated that between 300 and 500 million people in third world countries have died needlessly. Recently, scientists have declared the ban on DDT was unnecessary.

It is important to understand that environmental zealots put nature before human life and progress. They believe man is to blame for all the sins against nature and a few million less of us just cuts the odds of harm to nature. They believe progress is also an enemy against nature. Manufacturing, automobiles, and all that modern life represents is also the enemy. Less of all forms of progress may cause economic pain, but those trade offs are, again, justified. Our government may not buy the total environmental scheme, but using it to gain more control over our lives is their trump card. Hence, cap and trade.

At the time Ruckelshaus was banning DDT we were under threat of global cooling. Scientists felt the damage being done by humans and progress was increasing the ozone layer and blocking the sun, hence cooling the earth. Soon, they said we would return to the ice age. In just a mere 25 years we are now heating the earth. Despite the fact the average earth’s temperature has cooled over the past eight years. Some of the same scientists who were proponents of global cooling are now pushing global warming.

So, with cap and trade we are on the road to another DDT debacle, We will curtail fossil fuel use, reduce manufacturing, eliminate jobs, raise energy costs across the board, and regress as a country. But, our government will control another phase of our daily lives and have a big pot of money to use for fruitless pursuits.

Not content with killing helpless citizens in third world countries, we now set about killing a few Americans under the environmental umbrella. We put CAFE standards on automobiles. It was to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We stepped it up two years ago and Obama stepped it up again this year. The damage done to automakers is huge. But, all estimates say it has killed as many as 3,000 US drivers a year by making cars lighter and more vulnerable to fatalities in traffic accidents. Our dependance on foreign crude is double what it was when CAFE was passed. New light bulbs filled with mercury will kill a few more.

Social engineering will merge with this movement. Environmentalists have a vision. That vision eliminates suburban life as we know it today. They see us living in modules in urban communities where we can walk or bicycle to work. Today we call those Ghettos. Smaller toilets are already engineered. From 3.5 to 1.7 gallons. Two flushes often offset the gain. We may see monitors on our power and when we reach our quota for the month, the power goes off or the price goes up.

If these well-meaning people, who worship this cause as a replacement for religion, have no compunctions about killing millions of people in the name of nature, what will deter them? They collect millions of dollars and buy most politicians and the media, so others feel they are obligated to follow. Your neighbors are buying in and following like lemmings off the cliff.

It’s just another bill that will come due for our kids and grand kids. Wake up and pour the Kool Aid out and demand solid debate about the basis for all this. Life is the new ghetto will be tough for your grand kids.

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